Top Tourist Spots in Marinduque [And How To Get There]
Top Tourist Spots in Marinduque

If you look at it on the map, you will find a heart-shaped province in Southwestern Tagalog Region called Marinduque. This is culturally rich in history and nature. In fact, some of the most-visited tourist spots in Marinduque have interesting historical backgrounds. Here are some of the best tourist destinations you can visit:

Top Tourist Spots in Marinduque
Top Tourist Spots in Marinduque

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Marinduque, Philippines

Boac Cathedral

This is an old church that dates back in the early years as depicted by the alleys and small roads. As one of the historical landmarks in the province, the Boac Cathedral offers a great view where you can look back to its historical roots and reminisce the good old days.

Boac Cathedral
Boac Cathedral

Poctoy Beach

Relaxing, unwinding, and simply enjoying the beauty of nature is so easy at Poctoy Beach, Torrijos, Marinduque. The beachfront accommodations will have you awed and impressed, it’s like living a luxury beach lifestyle in an affordable way.

Maniwaya Island

Another exciting beach to experience in Marinduque is Maniwaya Island. The long shoreline surrounded by coconut trees is a surely relaxing view to enjoy. The island has a rustic ambiance which makes it more inviting, especially to those who just want to sit back and relax in the pristine white sand while destressing.

Bagumbungan Cave

If you’ve had enough sun and sands, you can also check out Bagumbungan Cave. This is one of the growing tourist spots in Marinduque for the adventurous travelers. It’s a worthy addition to your bucket list while in the province. You can have Instagram-worthy selfies in front of this subterranean wonder for some souvenirs.

Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary

Named after Baltazar, Melchor, and Gaspar the Three Kings, Tres Reyes is located in Gasan. The short stretch of powdery white sand makes it an ideal place for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. In fact, there are beautiful corals, fishes, and other marine life protected in this sanctuary that you can enjoy for sightseeing.

Marinduque Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is home to some wild animals including the Giant Borken Rats. It’s a mountain landscape that falls into coastal plains. Despite the efforts made in this conservation area, rare species such as the Philippine Pustelschwein, sad to say, is now extinct.

Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring

Among the rising tourist spots in Marinduque, Malbog Sulfur Spring is never to be missed out. The sulfuric streams come from Mount Malindig which forms a spring pool where you can enjoy a relaxing dip in hot water. The healing properties of the spring make it a popular destination in the province.

How to get to Marinduque

The is currently no operational commercial airport in Marinduque. The most common option for those who want to go to Marinduque is by taking a bus to Lucena City and take a ferry to Marinduque. There are also direct buses from Manila to Marinduque (bus+ferry combo).

When you arrive at Balanacan Port in Marinduque, you can take a jeepney to your desired destination. Make sure you ask the driver about the jeepney route so you will reach your destination without having any trouble.



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