Top Tourist Spots in Catanduanes [And How To Get There]

Catanduanes, the Happy Island of Philippines might be a long traveling distance from the capital Manila, but once you are there, you will cherish the well-spent time forever. Islets, natural pools, hills, waterfalls and many more are included among the top tourist spots in Catanduanes.

Top Tourist Spots in Catanduanes
Top Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

Binurong Point

Binurong point in Baras is a relatively easy hike to go to. Named after a Bicol word that means “healed”, it is ideally suited to its name. Fresh air and an open atmosphere with an exquisite view can heal any minor mood swings or sadness. With this new point of attraction known to only a few travelers, it is a quiet and peaceful hike. It is a 20 minutes trek to the Binurong Point from Baras. If you are in the mood to enjoy this divine natural creation, then you have to wake up before sunrise.

Binurong Point, Catanduanes
Binurong Point, Catanduanes | Photo by Maffeth.opiana under CC

If you leave for Binurong Point at 4 am, you will get to see the beautiful scenery at the dawn when the sun is rising, and it gives a spectacular view of the sea. The hike can be daunting when the sun is up so it would be advisable to take an umbrella. Once you are at the top, you will feel the state of bliss, this we promise to you.

Maribina Falls

If you love waterfalls, then you will enjoy a refreshing visit to the Maribina Falls which is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Catanduanes. Located in a small town Bato, Maribina Falls is named after the two villages–Marinawa and Binanwahan. This waterfall is famous for the greenery that surrounds it and makes it a beautiful sight to the eyes of visitors. Prominent among the local people, you can always find youth hanging out near the falls relaxing or having fun. A small price is charged at the entrance, and what you discover in the form of the fresh waterfall and lush green surroundings soothes your eyes and mind. This 6 meters high fall will leave you refreshed.

Puraran Beach

Also known as the surfing beach of Catanduanes, the Puraran Beach is famous for its “majestic waves”. If you love surfing or want to experience it as a beginner, then visit this beach. Every year in August and in October, the surfing competitions take place here. It is another beautiful offbeat place to visit with clean water and white sand. The sunrises here are beautiful with the sky changing its color as every second passes, and the sun comes up to its full glory. It is also an excellent choice to visit if you are interested in photography.

Puraran Beach
Puraran Beach

Luyang Cave

Twenty-two minutes of drive from the Virac downtown, you can visit the Luyang cave which is in Lictin. This ancient cave is a house to many varieties of bats. You can find big rock formations inside the cave. The cave is 200 meters long and dark. Make sure to carry a torch when you are there.  Be prepared to learn about the tragic and chilling historical facts about the cave when you visit there.

Fiat House Cave-Inspired Chapel

A cave-inspired chapel is a quiet place for prayers. It has been an attraction for the tourists for a long time now. This is a must visit for the pilgrims. The beautiful ceiling and the walls give the looks of a cave. The artificial lights are arranged in a way they all focus at the altar. Only when you visit, you’ll be able to comprehend the beauty of this chapel.

Balacay Point

If you wish to go on a small hike that has nice roadway, then go to Balacay Point. Take along your camera and visit during the sunrise or sunset to capture a fantastic view. When you are at the point, the stunning view won’t fail to mesmerize you with the ocean meeting the horizon. Also, enjoy the exquisite view of Puraran beach from the top. If you want to see at least one hill point among the tourist spots in Catanduanes, then visit the Balacay Point.

Balacay Point
Balacay Point

Bato Church

Bato Church is the oldest church in the Province, and it was built in the 16th century when Spanish people came to the country and taught the natives about the Catholicism. The church is a heritage which is made of the coral limestone and is beautiful even after so many centuries. It is in the town of Bato and is about 15 minutes car drive from Virac downtown.

The Province of Catanduanes is not to be missed if you want to experience a blend of history, culture, fun, and excitement. The places mentioned in this article are a few of the best places you can go to while traveling in the Philippines.

How to get to Catanduanes?

Catanduanes is reachable by plane and a combination of bus+ferry. The most popular mode of transporation is by a bus ride from Manila going to Tabaco City. From Tabaco, take a RORO ferry to get to Catanduanes Island via Virac seaport or San Andres.

If you want convenience, you can simply book a flight with Cebu Pacific and arrive in Virac as fresh as you can be. Hahaha


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