Top Tourist Attractions in Catanduanes [And How To Get There]

Dubbed as the Land of the Howling Wind, Catanduanes, is becoming one of the emerging tourist destinations in the Philippines. The island-province of Catanduanes is home to many undiscovered gems like beaches, caves, and lagoons waiting to be explored. [Check out our list of 5 Budget Hotels and Resorts in Catanduanes]

Top Tourist Attractions in Catanduanes
Top Tourist Attractions in Catanduanes

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Catanduanes

Binurong Point

When you’re at Binurong Point, you’ll feel like you’re in Batanes. After a 30-minute trek, there’s more time to spend in exploring this lovely place. You’ll see rugged cliffs, mesmerizing views, and undulating green hills from this spot. Just make sure to bring water to keep you hydrated while at Binurong Point.

Binurong Point, Catanduanes
Binurong Point, Catanduanes | Photo by Maffeth.opiana under CC

Maribina Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls in Catanduanes, Maribina falls is located in the town of Bato, Catanduanes. It was named after the villages of Marinawa and Binanwahan. It’s a great spot for people who want to chill and enjoy its cool crystal clear waters.

Puraran Beach

Puraran beach is considered to be a paradise for surfers and swimmers located in the town of Baras, Catanduanes. It’s one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Catanduanes as it is popular to both locals and travelers from the rest of the Philippines and other countries. Whether you want to chill or play the waves, Puraran Beach can give you a fun and memorable experience when you visit Catanduanes.

Puraran Beach
Puraran Beach

Luyang Cave

Located in Barangay Lictin in the town of San Andres, Catanduanes, Luyang Cave is home to numerous bats and beautiful rock formations. From this cave, you’ll get a glimpse of Mount Cagmasoso.

Fiat House Cave-Inspired Chapel

This cave-inspired chapel is a popular place for pilgrims and soul searchers. You can find peace and serenity here, so don’t forget to check out this tourist attraction in Catanduanes.

Balacay Point

Balacay Point is another lovely spot for nature lovers. The stunning views offered from this point will give you unforgettable memories. You’ll see the Pacific horizon with islets and hills around it. There is less hike when you go to this place compared to Binurong Point.

Balacay Point
Balacay Point

Bato Church

Originally called St. John the Baptist Church, Bato Church is literally made of stones and bricks. This is the oldest church in Catanduanes featuring a century-old and Baroque-style cathedral that offers a lot of life-learning stories.

How to get to Catanduanes?

Catanduanes is reachable by plane and a combination of bus+ferry. The most popular mode of transporation is by a bus ride from Manila going to Tabaco City. From Tabaco, take a RORO ferry to get to Catanduanes Island via Virac seaport or San Andres.

If you want convenience, you can simply book a flight with Cebu Pacific and arrive in Virac as fresh as you can be. Hahaha


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