Top Tourist Spots in Camarines Norte [And How To Get There]

The Philippines never seems to run out of perfect places to go to during summer. A not so popular, but something you should consider for your upcoming summer getaway is Camarines Norte. The province of Camarines Norte is home to a lot of natural destinations that are yet to be known to many. These tourist spots in Camarines Norte are all exquisite.

tourist spots in camarines norte
Calaguas, Camarines Norte | Bigstock Photos

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Camarines Norte, Philippines

Calaguas Island

Worthy of being compared to the beaches located in Palawan and Boracay, Calaguas Island is a good alternative to the famous beaches we all know about. Despite that it has developed itself as a more tourist-friendly location, it manages to remain its isolation and tranquility. The fine and white sandy beaches here has earned the hearts of all visitors who come to this island.

Bagasbas Beach

If you are a traveler who wants to enjoy some big and gnarly waves, Bagasbas Beach is your next stop in your list of tourist spots in Camarines Norte. But more than just a destination for surfing, this beach is starting to attract the attention of people who enjoy kiteboarding and paragliding. Recently, even people who do paramotoring are loving the waves here. But if all those things aren’t what you are looking for, you can still opt to just relax and swim here.

Mampurog River

If you feel like skipping the beach, but still feeling the urge to go swimming—the Mampurog River is the most popular river in the province. Known for its crystal-clear waters and big boulder rocks, tourists stop by here. Photos taken by the river and the famous long hanging bridge are highly suggested.

Malatap Waterfalls

There are a lot of waterfalls in the province, but one of the waterfalls that you really should include on your list is the Malatap waterfalls. The hike to the falls will be enjoyed by any nature lover because of all the vegetation you will encounter. The falls has many tiers that cascade into one small pool that makes it a great swimming spot. You may also have a picnic or some snacks by the side if you get a bit hungry.

Pineapple Island Resort

This is one of the best hotels in the province which is why many already consider it as a tourist spot in Camarines Norte. The Pineapple Island Resort is an isolated resort that gives good privacy and comfortable accommodation. With its modern and contemporary design, guests can enjoy rooms and amenities that are of high standard.

How to get to Camarines Norte

There is no commercial airport in Camarines Norte. The nearest airport is in Naga City which is around 45 minutes by flight from Manila. Most travelers prefer to take a bus from Manila to Daet for around 11 hours.


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