Top Tourist Spots in Biliran [And How To Get There]

Biliran is a hidden gem located in the northern coast of Leyte. In this province, you can find one of the clearest sea water and pristine white sand beaches. To plan for your trip in this Philippine island, here are the top tourist spots in Biliran Province worthy of your visit.

Top Tourist Spots in Biliran
Top Tourist Spots in Biliran

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Biliran, Philippines

Sambawan Island

Sambawan Island is a paradise among the top tourist spots in Biliran Province. It is the best place for people looking for a sanctuary of marine resources and a diving place. This is actually a popular site for divers because of its location–5 km from south of the Samar Sea. Tourists will surely go home with melted heart because of the stunning beauty of this place.

Tinago Falls

Aside from the popular Sambawan Island, the Biliran province is also known for keeping the Tinago Falls. Tinago means “hidden” in English and it is indeed the right words to describe this place–a hidden treasure amid the Caibiran rainforest. This destination is suitable for people seeking for adventurous activities in the province as reaching the place would take you a 10-minute hike from the highway.

Mainit Hot Spring in Caibiran

Located in Villa Vicenta, Caibiran, the Mainit Hot Spring is one of the attractions in the province. In this famous destination, you will find a man-made basin designed with concrete seats to provide tourists a comfortable experience. The Mainit Hot Spring is believed to have a healing prowess-a relief for the people from many years ago when doctors were yet to be available in the province.

Higatangan Island

Among the islands in Biliran Province, Higatangan Island is the most unique. When you try to view it from above, it’s like as if you are looking at a giant tongue stretched 200 meters long. There are several beaches and rare rock formations. You will definitely love this place!

Ulan Ulan Falls

Ulan Ulan Falls is another must-visit place among the top tourist spots in Biliran province. The name came from the Tagalog word of “Rain” because the falls makes a mist which is very noticeable among tourists. Don’t miss out this place when you are going to Almeria. The walk is just about 30 minutes to get here.

Sampaw Falls

Located in Malita, Sampa Falls, some call it Kitana Falls, is one of the great destinations in Biliran. This place is perfect for camping with your friends. You can also find the splashing of water very relaxing to your ears. Don’t forget to get your best photos in this awesome place!

Dalutan Island

If you are looking for another beach where you can find crystal blue water and blue sky, head to Dalutan Island. Snorkeling and diving are some of the popular activities here. You can also find a picturesque view of the nearby islands once you have settled down in its shoreline.

Dalutan Island
Dalutan Island

How to get to Biliran

There is no commercial airport in the province of Biliran. The closest airports are in Taclobvan and in Ormoc in Leyte Province. From Ormoc or Tacloban, take a van to Naval, Biliran’s capital town. From there, you can hire a habal-habal to reach some of the spots or take a boat to Maripipi if you are planning to explore Sambawan Island.


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