Top Tourist Spots in Bataan [And How To Get There]

How can something be small but have a lot of wonderful things in it; the small but beautiful peninsula of Bataan is one of flourishing provinces here in the country when it comes to becoming a known tourist destination. The province has a mixture of historical and natural sites which showcase how uniquely magnificent the place is.

Top Tourist Spots in Bataan
Top Tourist Spots in Bataan | Photo by Beng Fontiveros

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Bataan

Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga

Charming and classic is the best way to describe Plaza Mayor. It has become a tourist spot of the province because of how it showcases the Spanish influences we have and also the life within the plaza is so vibrant and fun. At night, dancing fountains and wonderful lights can be seen. It feels like a place to just reminisce and relax.

Five Fingers Cove

Cliffs that are towering that have green grassy ground, clean refreshing air, while having a very blue sky; five fingers cove have turquoise lagoons that just by the mere look of it is calming. At the bottom of these cliffs are long beaches with white and soft sand.

Five Fingers Cove
Five Fingers Cove | Photo by: Beng Fontiveros

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Going here is like going back in time, it is two in one experience, seeing a museum and exploring a heritage park. There are more than 50 old houses there; some of which have been standing there for many many years. The heritage park has an antique look perfect for weddings. Imagine that, having a wedding at a beautiful tourist spot in Bataan.

Mount Samat

This holds such historical importance. The shrine at mount samat was erected as a reminder of the struggles and sacrifices made by the soldiers back during the second world war. The colonnade and the cross provide the most stunning panoramic view of Bataan. There is also museum here that has a lot of art dedicated about the war.

Sisiman Bay

The beautiful rock formations at Sisiman bay is a sight to see. The view of the lush green grass that covers the small hill and the dark blue water can make one clearly see how beautiful it is to watch the sun rise and set here. Every view is a good view but photos are best taken at the summit and at the lighthouse.

Pawikan Conservation Center

The earth is beautiful and so are those that live in it. One of the places to appreciate the creatures of the earth here in Bataan is the Pawikan Conservation Center. Baby turtles are well taken care of here. The eggs are protected till they hatch, and they allow their guests to witness that. But the fun and learning doesn’t stop there, you will also get to see when they are released back into their natural habitat.

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

This was the first nuclear power plant that was put up in South East Asia. The powerplant may no longer be operational today, but it does serve as a great tourist spot in Bataan for both regular and student travelers, to learn about the story behind this monumental place.

How to get to Bataan from Manila

There are many ways to go to Bataan from Manila but the most convenient way is by taking the ferry/boat from Mall of Asia terminal to Orion, Bataan. The travel time is only around an hour compared to around 3-4 hours by bus. Check out the schedule below.


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