Captivating Beaches in Misool Island, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, Indonesia is the home of paradise, where you can find not just ten but hundreds of jungle-covered islands, vibrant coral reefs, and enormous caves. The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International have stated that almost 75% of the world’s species are all here in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Raja Ampat, Indonesia | Bigstock Photos

In fact, Raja Ampat is comprised of four extensive islands dubbed as the “Four Kings.” Meanwhile, Misool Island is one of the largest islands in the archipelago of Raja Ampat, Indonesia that features four different amusing beaches. Since Misool Island is a remote and tropical place, you can expect low to zero internet connection, crystal blue clear waters, and some eateries where they serve local cuisines.

On the other hand, the captivating beaches in Misool Island that you can visit are as follows:

Gamfi Beach

Be mesmerized to Gamgfi beach’s calm water surrounded by several karsts, waves that barely reach the shoreline, and sand with quite soft texture. Tourists can enjoy varieties of activities such as snorkeling, diving, photography, sightseeing, and swimming since Gamfi beach in Misool Island is difficult to ignore. Some locals believe that this beach is indeed mysterious and yet unique, octopuses started to appear at night, wherein you have to bring a flashlight just to see these alluring creatures. While in the morning, you can see whales roving around the beach. There are also nearby attractions in Gamfi like the love pool, Salawati island and Batanta island.

Olobi Beach

One of the best beaches of Misool Island, Olobi is an isolated beach but fortunately become the tourist’ most favorite part of the island for relaxation, finding peace and it’s even an ideal place for photography enthusiasts. While Olobi beach has become an apple of the eye of everyone, it’s best to supervise your kids while swimming, there are parts of the beach that are not suitable for their age.

Another thrilling activity in Olobi would be at the back of the beach, there is a high hill covered by bushes and small trees.  Tourists or experienced climbers are allowed to do the drill.

Panun Beach

This may seems to look like a plain natural water resource for many, but Panun Beach in Misool Island will take you to another dimension of the world, where you can take quick self-break or a moment where you can contemplate in life. Exploring the Panun beach enables you to witness the coruscating colors of the corals, numbers of sea creatures you thought will never exist any longer, along with huge octopuses underwater.

Daram Beach

If you’re longing to have a glimpse of island life, Daram beach is the perfect destination you must visit. This is the ultimate beach getaway of the locals and even the tourists due to its tranquility, enjoying natural refreshments in the midst of stunning formation of coconut trees.

When in Misool Island, take note of the following reminders:

  • It’s best to book a homestay near your desired beach for less transportation fees in rental boats.
  • When leaving the premises of your booked homestay, it’s highly recommended to bring a packed lunch before going to any of the beaches, only a small eateries are visible in the area. No fine dining options or fast-food restaurants at hand.
  • Rainy season starts during May until August, while the dry season in Misool Island Raja Ampat is from October to April which is considered the best time to visit the island.

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