Bintan: Your Quick Escape From Singapore

If you heard something about Bintan Island, you probably already know that it’s one of the hidden tropical gems of Indonesia. It is located in Riau archipelago and is near Singapore that you can actually travel from Singapore to the island.

Sunset at Bintan Island, Indonesia
Sunset at Bintan Island, Indonesia | Bigstock Photos

This tropical beauty also parallels the Maldives and the famous tourist islands of the Philippines such as El Nido, Palawan. Clearly, this island is home to beaches and resorts!

But what can Bintan Island offer? Typically in a tropical island, you’ll think of activities like swimming, snorkeling, walking on the shore, playing beach ball or relaxing on a resort. But other than that, you’ll probably don’t have any idea other than going home next.

At Bintan Island, you can do more things than the typical beach activities! Actually, there are many things you can do like explore local food, discover pilgrims and simply stroll around their parks. But Bintan, Indonesia is more than that. It is known for bringing out unusual activities to tourists!

Sea Gypsies: The Locals of Bintan

If you don’t know, the Sea Gypsies are a group of people who lived nomadically in boats crafted by themselves in Bintan Island. They are locally called as “Orang Laut”. Living simple lives, one of the favorite past time of Orang Laut kids is sack race or “balap karung”. If you don’t know the game, you basically just enter a sack and jump your way as you race to the finish line.

The thing is you can actually play with the kids. They’ll be happy to challenge you. As simple as it sounds, the sack race is actually quite difficult. Add to the fact that you’re an adult competing with youthful energy, that does add to the challenge!

You can also do other activities with the locals. They’ll be happy to share and even show you some of their daily activities like catching and preserving fish. Either way, spending time with the locals is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. You get to know the culture of the place, and in certain ways, you get to experience the life they live.

The Famous Parasailing in Bintan, Indonesia

How do you feel about gliding above the air with a “parachute” as you’re towed by a boat? Sounds interesting? Well, parasailing is one of the most known activities in Bintan, Indonesia. You will simply sit in a parachute-like vehicle called “parasail wing”. Then you’ll take off as the boat begins pulling you at high speed, lifting you up in the air. It also gives you the chance to see the wonderful view of Bintan Island and its well-preserved nature.

Bintan Island, Indonesia
Bintan Island, Indonesia | Bigstock Photos

A Village of Boat-Makers

Somewhere on the island, you can find a village of boat-makers. You can see them building their own boat using the bare tools they have. The sight alone of how a boat is built is already very educational. You get to see in actual view how they are made. You probably can try it yourself if the boat-maker permits it. If so, just be careful working on the boat and ask for assistance always.

There are actually many unusual activities you can do on Bintan Island rather than your typical beach activities. Unlike other tropical islands, it’s fairly bigger so there’s really room for more exploration. It was also assured that all the activities will let you know of the place’s culture and tradition. You’ll not just love the place but also the people of Bintan, Indonesia!


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