2020 Top Tourist Spots in Albay You Should Visit

Our list of must-visit tourist spots in Albay, Philippines – home to the Mount Mayon Volcano.

There are a lot of spectacular places that you can visit in Albay. This magnificent province is listed in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. This means that the place exhibits a balanced relationship between men and nature. It proves how splendid the province is. If you need more evidence, then you should be visiting these top tourist spots in Albay.

Must-visit tourist spots in Albay, Philippines

Mount Mayon

The symmetrical and almost perfectly coned shape of Mount Mayon is one of the most sought-after views for tourists who are visiting Albay. The location is shared by eight cities and municipalities in Albay.

Rising more than 8,000 feet of the Albay Gulf, this active stratovolcano is the highest point for the whole Bicol region. Mayon is so stunning that the name was based on the mountain legend’s heroine, Daragang Magayon, which means beautiful maiden.

Mount Mayon is definitely one of the best tourist spots in Albay that you should include in your bucketlist.

Mount Mayon - one of the top tourist spots in Albay

Cagsawa Ruins

During the 1814 eruption of the Mayon Volcano, it destroyed the Cagsawa church located in Daraga, Albay. The place also served as a memorial for the people who died during that time. This location gives a spectacular view of the Mount Mayon. Aside from sightseeing, you can purchase some souvenirs, local delicacies, and even potteries and woodcraft from the vendors near the ruins.

Cagsawa Ruins in Albay, Bicol

Ligñon Hill Nature Park

The Ligñon Hill Nature Park offers both sightseeing and activities for visitors to enjoy. A wonderful view of the Legazpi City, Albay Gulf, and Mount Mayon can be appreciated from their viewing deck on top of the hill. Located near the viewing deck are some vendors selling local goods, snacks, and artworks.

The park offers activities such as zip line ride, trail climb, rappelling, tunnel exploration, ATV rides, and biking on the gullies at the foot of Mount Mayon. It’s a must-visit tourist spot in Albay to see an overlooking view of Legazpi City.

Ligñon Hill Nature Park - must visit tourist attraction in Legazpi, Albay

Kawa Kawa Hill

This is the famous “hill without a hilltop” of California Village, Barangay Tuburan, Ligao. The topmost part of the 236 meters high hill covers six hectares of the cratered top. From the top, there is a great view of Ligao, Mount Masaraga, and Mount Mayon. Apart from the concaved summit, the place is known for having a pilgrimage site of fourteen Stations of the Cross for Roman Catholics.

Kawa Kawa Hill

Embarcadero de Legazpi

There are a lot of things to be experienced along the harbor of Legazpi Port, Victory Village in Legazpi City. This place is a lifestyle hub where you can revel in the mall and the 90 feet high skywalk that has scenic views of Albay Gulf and Mount Mayon. There are land activities such as wall climbing, bungee trampoline, zip line from the lighthouse, kart racing, and Segway riding. For water activities, they offer paddle boat and water jeep rides, jet skiing, and parasailing.

Embarcadero de Legazpi

Misibis Bay

Located in the southernmost part of Cagraray Island of Bacacay, Albay is the gorgeous resort of Misibis Bay. The resort has an activity center, pool, spa, and fitness center. There are restaurants where you can eat and bars where you can hang out with your family and friends. If you want to stay for some time in this place, they have rooms and villas which you can rent. If you are looking for adventure, you can try their land and water activities such as Segway riding, dune buggy rides, ATV, zip line, banana boat rides, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, and even a sunset cruise. Check rates and availability.

St. John the Baptist Church

This is a Roman Catholic church located in Tabaco, Albay. It is commonly referred to as the Tabaco Church. The church was built using dark volcanic stones and sand that were found from the area during the time it was built. One of the fascinating things about this church is its bell tower that used Rococo or ‘Late Baroque’ design.

St. John the Baptist Church is a must-see tourist attraction in Tabaco, Albay.

St. John the Baptist Church - one of the best tourist spots in Tabaco, Albay

Daraga Church

The Nuestra Señora de la Porteria Parish Church, more commonly known as the Daraga Church, is located in Daraga, Albay. It was built in 1772 by Franciscans using volcanic rocks. The church is recognized as a heritage destination by the National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines. The location of the church gives a very picturesque view because of the Mount Mayon that can be seen in its background from a specific angle.

Daraga Church

There are a lot of captivating places you can visit in Albay. If you are visiting for a short while, make sure to put these places in your itinerary. If you are staying long, go ahead and explore the wondrous province. You will not be disappointed in rediscovering the beauties of nature.

10 Notable Albay Tourist Spots

Quitinday Underground River
Jovellar, Albay

Quitinday Green Hills Formation
Barangay Quitinday, Camalig, Albay

Mayon Planetarium & Science Park
Tabaco City, Albay

Legazpi Boulevard
Legazpi City, Albay

Divine Mercy Shrine and Carmelite Monastery
Ligao, Albay

Sumlang Lake
Camalig, Albay

Vera Falls
Malinao, Albay

Tambac Beach
Sitio Tambac, Ligao, Albay

Pinamuntugan Island
Bacacay, Albay

Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave
Camalig, Albay

Must-try Food in Albay

  • Pinangat at Zeny’s in Camalig, Albay
  • Kandinga at Balay Cena Una in Daraga, Albay
  • Sili Ice Cream at 1st Colonial Grill in Daraga, Albay
  • Bicol Express at Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi, Albay

Festivals in Albay

  • Pinangat Festival in Camalig, Albay
  • Coron Festival in Tiwi, Albay
  • Magayon Festival
  • Ibalong Festival in Legazpi, Albay
  • Sunflower Festival in Ligao, Albay
  • Tabak Festival in Tabaco, Albay
  • Cagsawa Festival in Daraga, Albay
  • Longganisa Festival in Guinobatan, Albay
  • Karagumoy Festival in Bacacay, Albay
  • Layag Festival in Rapu-Rapu, Albay
  • Lubid Festival in Malilipot, Albay
  • Nito-Talahib Festival in Manito, Albay
  • Puto Festival in Oas, Albay
  • Paroy Festival in Libon, Albay
  • Pulang Angui Festival in Polangui, Albay
  • Quipia Festival in Jovellar, Albay
  • Sarung Banggi Festival in Sto. Domingo, Albay
  • Sinuyog Festival in Pioduran, Albay

Where to Stay in Albay

There are plenty of hotels in Albay that will suit you depending on your budget and preference. The best place to stay is a hotel that has a scenic view of Mount Mayon like the Oriental Legazpi. You can check out the hotels in Legazpi, Tabaco, Daraga, and other towns of Albay here. Alternatively, you can also stay in an Airbnb unit in Albay.

How to Get to Albay

There are daily flights from Manila to Legazpi, Albay. Alternatively, you can also take a bus from Manila or Eastern Visayas to the province of Albay. You can check the schedule or book a ticket here.


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