Top Tourist Spots in Batanes

Batanes is the smallest province in the Philippines but tranquility, pristine beaches, off the beaten tracks, and breathtaking seascapes are just some of the wondrous features that await you in this island in the Philippines.

Top Tourist spots in batanes
Marlboro Country, Batanes

Best Time To Visit Batanes

The ideal time to visit Batanes is from December to May as these months are considered as dry season. For someone who loves the cold atmosphere you may then try to go to Batanes during January and February, but for travelers seeking to calm their minds and ease their worries, Batanes will surely give you peace of mind you deserve any time of the year.


If this is your first time to visit Batanes or even if you are a returning visitor to the province, and your 3-day staycation is not enough, let this list be your guide to include in your bucket list and never miss a picturesque destination while in Batanes.

Marlboro Country

Racuh a Payaman also known as Marlboro Country will definitely take your breath away. It is actually a pastureland for the cows, goats, and horses of the locals. This Batanes tourist spot is a perfect place to just sit, relax, and simply enjoy the peace and quiet. The verdant hills gave me time to focus on my thoughts and determine what I wanted in life.

Marlboro Country, Batanes

Basco Lighthouse

The only lighthouse in Basco where you can climb up to the top. The lighthouse offers a very nice view of Mt. Iraya, the West Philippine Sea, and the whole Basco town. The top of the lighthouse also offers a clear view of Sabtang and Itbayat Islands.

Basco Lighthouse, Batanes

Homoron Blue Lagoon

This features semi-fine white sands and perfectly situated between rocky cliffs at the connecting road of Mahatao and Ivana. Homoron Blue Lagoon is now open to the public compared to the Spanish era where the Spaniards are the only ones who have the exclusive access to dip in and enjoy gentler waves of the beach.

Itbayat Island

Going to Itbayat Island requires you to exert extreme effort and have a lot of patience since the island’s topography is indeed rugged and difficult to explore. If you are disappointed with the modernization in Metro Manila and you’re up for an adventure, visiting Itbayat Island will definitely give you joy and satisfaction. Itbayat is home to more than 3,000 Ivatan considered as the first batch of inhabitants on this island. Not to mention Torongan Cave, stone houses and Maria Imaculada Church are all located on this island.

Fountain of Youth

From the capital town of Batanes, you just have to ride a tricycle for around 40 to 45 minutes to arrive in Diura Village. From the village, a 30-minute hike can get you to the natural spring. Traveling to the Fountain of Youth is all worth it, as the cold and clear water from the hills of Imnajbu, large nipa hut, small grotto, stunning view of Mount Iraya and waterfall on the side will welcome you upon your arrival. To ensure that you will never feel hungry, it’s best to bring your food and water since there are no stores available in the vicinity here in the Fountain of Youth.

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Secret Tunnels

Your visit to Batanes, Philippines would not be complete without even trying to go inside these tunnels. There are three rooms that can be found in these tunnels: a guard post, a bunker, and a water reservoir. Nowadays, the Japanese secret tunnels serve as the remnant of World War II. Travelers who were able to experience how it feels like to be inside of these tunnels felt scared since it has a total of five exits, the walls are dark and stairs are very steep.

Vayang Rolling Hills

Do you remember a scene from the “Sound of Music” film where Julie Andrews was singing in lush green hills with grasses and trees? That’s how it feels like when you’re in Vayang Rolling Hills, plus the carabaos, cows, and horses make this place even more perfect to give you jaw-dropping scenery of Vayang Rolling Hills.

With all these top tourists spots in Batanes, you never want to go back to Manila again.


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