5 Top Tourist Spots in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is one of the biggest assets of Myanmar when it comes to tourism. It is home to some archeological sites, temples, and museums that were built between 1057 and 1287 by the kings.

Top Tourist Spots in Bagan, Myanmar
Top Tourist Spots in Bagan, Myanmar | BigStock Photos

If you plan to go to Myanmar, we’ve come up with a list of must-see tourist spots in Bagan that you should include in your itinerary to fully enjoy your visit to this amazing country.

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Bagan, Myanmar

Ananda Temple

One of the most sought and preserved temples strategically located near the Tharabar gate; the only remaining gate at the old walls of Bagan city. Ananda Temple is 170 feet-tall boasting of four huge statues of Buddhas with gold leaf facing four directions namely: Kassapa Buddha in the South, Konagamana Buddha in the East, Gautama Buddha in the West and Kakusandha Buddha in the North.

Ananda temple in Bagan at sunrise
Ananda temple in Bagan at sunrise | BigStock Photos

Due to an earthquake, the temple had extensively been restored in 1975. For the first time travelers, there is a small monastery that can be found on the grounds of temple, which is called Ananda Oak Kyaung where some of the life scenes of Buddha are illustrated through 18th century murals.

Shwesandaw Pagoda

Shwesandaw Pagoda is one of the must-visit top tourist spots in Bagan, Myanmar with a distinctive ancient story. The true meaning behind the name of this 328 feet-tall pagoda is when King Anahwrahta successfully invaded the kingdom and placed the hair relics of Buddha within the temple. Shewsandaw means golden holy hair.

Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar
Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar | BigStock Photos

Five terraces, cylindrical stupa on top with bejeweled umbrella, and panoramic view of nearby temples are some of the best features that you can enjoy whilst in Shwesandaw Pagoda. It’s recommended to visit the temple during morning for a great photo opportunity.

Dhammayangyi Temple

The largest and most impressive of all temples built in Bagan, Myanmar. The construction of Dhammyangyi Temple was never complete up to this date, whereas, bricks are installed so close, to the point that even a needle could not pass through. Behind the intriguing history and fine brickwork of Dhammyangyi Temple, it is ideal for every traveler seeking for adventure and cultural discoveries.

Close up view of Dhammayangyi Temple during sunset
Close up view of Dhammayangyi Temple during sunset | BigStock Photos

Going to this pyramidal temple makes everything so thrilling, aside from the bloody history of the kings, there are also four entrances consist of a Buddha figure.

Thatbyinnyu Temple

The earliest sample of a two-storey temple built in the 12th century. Compared to the other temples with grounds formed by rock or cement, Thatbyinnyu’s ground is sandy and visitors are required to remove their shoes and walk barefoot. During the construction of Sulamani and Gawdawpalin, the locals were inspired by Thatbyinnyu’s two-storey structure.

Thatbyinnyu Temple in Bagan
Thatbyinnyu Temple in Bagan | BigStock Photos

To make the most out of your trip visiting the top tourist spots in Bagan, Myanmar, there are food kiosks, small pagodas and souvenir shops near Thatbyinnyu Temple.

Bagan Archeological Museum

For artists and enthusiasts, visiting top tourist spots in Bagan will never be complete without having a glimpse of visual arts and the coiffures of court women at the museum’s first floor. Meanwhile, there are more than five rooms with religious themes on the second floor along with the inscribed stones, reclining buddhas, and statues. This museum is a perfect place if you want to know further the city’s history and the story behind the amazing temples and structures in Bagan, Myanmar.

Colorful hot air balloons flying over Bagan Archaeological zone
Colorful hot air balloons flying over Bagan Archaeological zone | BigStock Photos

Have you visited these popular tourist spots in Bagan, Myanmar? How was your experience?

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