2020 Top Tourist Spots in Aklan (And How To Get There)

Our list of the top tourist spots in Aklan, a province in the Philippines home to the world famous Boracay Island.

No visitors of the famed Boracay White Beach are a stranger to Aklan, the home province of the said coast. Although Aklan itself may inevitably best popularized by Boracay for the most part, there is more to this Panayan province than white sands, clear waters, and palm trees.

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Aklan

Boracay White Beach

Making a part of the premise that makes Aklan a magnet for tourists, the Boracay White Beach has everything an average person would love in a seashore—white, fine sands that are soft to the touch and to the feet, see-through waters, and a flock of like-minded individuals whose primary reason for being on the beach is to unwind and have some fun. Check out our list of DOT-Accredited Budget Hotels in Boracay.

Boracay Island - one of the best tourist spots in Aklan
Boracay Island Sunset

How to get to Boracay Island

From Manila, fly to Caticlan and take a boat to Boracay Island. If the fare is too much, you can also fly to Kalibo and take a van or bus to Caticlan then boat to Boracay. For your convenience, you can book a discounted van transfer from Kalibo or Caticlan via Klook.


You can also take a bus from Roxas City, San Jose Antique or even Iloilo to get to Caticlan.

Bakhawan Eco Park

Originally a place of shore and mud, the Bakhawan Eco-Park had come a long way as a reforested mangrove, meant as prevention against the flood. For a place considered to be the country’s most successful project involving mangrove reforestation, the Bakhawan—literally meaning “mangrove” based on local dialect—Eco Park is a place teeming with plant life across an expanse of land.

Bakhawan Eco Park in Aklan
Bakhawan Eco Park

How to get to Bakhawan Eco Park

Take a 10-minute tricycle ride from Kalibo airport. Fare is less than P100.

Ariel’s Point

There is always a sense of thrill having to jump from an elevation with the seawater to catch your fall. At Ariel’s Point, this notion is lived as you experienced for yourself what it feels like to take a leap from a cliff towards a large body of water.


But screaming your way as you make the jump is not the only exciting element of the visit to this resort. There are also other water activities you can engage in, such as by seeing what is in store underneath the seawaters by snorkeling or by kayaking around. All of these and possibly even more.

How to get to Ariel’s Point

We highly recommend you join a tour for a hassle-free experience. You can book it via Klook. Slots are limited after the re-opening of Boracay so it is imperative to book in advance.

Museo It Akean

There are plenty of ways you could learn about Aklan and its people. But nothing says more proactive learning of its history than to see relics that tell a story about the place and the people who inhabited it. At Museo It Akean, a good portion of them is told in the tangibles that give you first-hand visualization of what the Aklanon culture is like across the times. All the important pieces of Aklan’s history could be found here. This is a must-visit tourist spot in Kalibo, Aklan.

Museo It Akean - one of the must-visit toursit attractions in Aklan
Museo It Akean

Hinugtan Beach

Before the white sandy beach of Boracay becomes a hotspot for tourists, it was once a shore known only and enjoyed by the locals. But with its popularity came a flock of people which makes the Boracay White Beach feel more crowded and possibly less amusing.

Yet, while going back time and wanting to experience the Boracay is not something anyone could do, there is an alternative solution to this simple problem—try visiting the Hinugtan Beach, a hidden gem in Buruanga, Aklan.

Just imagine Boracay as it is but minus the large influx of people, that’s what Hinugtan Beach is like. It’s essentially Boracay which you can enjoy all for yourself.

How to get to Hinugtan Beach

Take a habal-habal (motorcycle) from Caticlan’s Jetty Port. Tell the driver to drop you off near Hinugtan Beach in Brgy. Alegria, Buruanga. Fare is Php200 for a 30-minute ride.

Dela Cruz House of Piña

Pineapple is a significant aspect of the Aklan culture. More than just the tasty fruit that people serve as is or as part of dishes, there are also products derived from the plant’s usable parts. Nowhere in Aklan is the curation of all those products best seen than at Dela Cruz House of Piña.

Dela Cruz House of Piña

Have you visited these tourist spots in Aklan? Let us know your experience.

6 Notable Aklan Tourist Spots

Hacienda Maria
Buruanga, Aklan

Crystal Cove Island
Malay, Aklan

Jawili Falls
Tangalan, Aklan

Hurom-Hurom Spring
Nabas, Aklan

Nabas Wind Farm
Nabas, Aklan

Festivals in Aklan

  • Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan
  • Aklan Fiber Festival
  • Saguibin Festival in the municipality of Banga
  • Bayangan Festival in Lezo, Aklan
  • Bugna Festival in Tangalan, Aklan

Where to Stay in Aklan


There are a lot of hotel options in Kalibo depending on your budget and preference. You can check here for hotels and hostels or you may also book accommodation through Airbnb.


When you plan to visit Boracay Island, make sure you book accommodation through a DOT-Accredited Hotel.


There is nothing much to do in Caticlan, but if you want to stay there for a night or two, you may check for affordable accommodations here. The hotels in Caticlan are usually cheaper than the ones in Boracay Island.



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