Hanoi to Vientiane : Bus Schedule

Vietnam and Laos share a land border so some travelers opt to take an overnight bus from Hanoi to Vientiane instead of flying. For one, it’s cheaper and second it will save you a one night accommodation.

Schedule of bus trips from Hanoi to Vientiane and vice-versa.

Since it’s basically a 24-hour journey, the bus trip is very limited. There’s only one trip a day which departs from Hanoi at 5:00PM and will arrive in Vientiane the following day at 5:00PM. The fare is only Php1,247 / USD24 for a semi sleeper bus. You may book your seat from a reliable booking site below.
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There’s also one daily bus schedule from Vientiane to Hanoi which departs atVientiane Southern Bus Station at 5:00PM and arrives in Hanoi at 5:00PM the next day.
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