Camotes Island in the eastern part of Cebu is an island with a lots of surprises.  There are secrets waiting to be revealed and treasures waiting to be uncovered. The island is a natural paradise. The tropical atmosphere is evident in every corner of this beautiful island. The coastline is covered with powdery white sand, azure waters, palm trees, rock formations and richly vivid marine life. What makes this island really special is the laid-back, simple and nostalgic lifestyle. The quietness of the night and the leisurely sunny day is the most epic experience anyone can have in this quaint place. [Read: The Never Ending Tropical Vibe in Camotes Island]
Aside from its mesmerizing beaches, there are more to discover like mountains, historical churches, local delicacies and magnificent underground caves. There are approximately eight naturally formed caves around the island. But, Bukilat Cave is the most visited and the most popular. Check out our list of top beach resorts in Camotes Island]
The stairs going inside the cave.
The majestic world under.

Bukilat Cave 

Bukilat cave is an underground heaven located in Barangay Mac Arthur in the town of Tudela. The name was coined after the first person who occupied the area. The cave also served as a hiding place of the residents during the first battle of the Japanese Armanda and American navy. It holds secrets and historical values for the people of Camotes Island. 

On our way to Bukilat cave.



This underground wonder is a relaxing hideout during hot summer days. The crystal pool is perfect for a refreshing dip and the sound of water drifting from the ceiling is a soothing beat to our ears. The water inside the cave is believed to have healing powers. It is still not clear where the water originated from; some believed that the water is connected to the sea while others whispered that it is come from a secret natural spring. Nevertheless, the pool is indeed magical and energizing. There are openings throughout the ceiling that permits the sunlight to penetrate the world under. The cave is homed to Balinsasayaw a bird that uses its saliva to build nest. Stalagmites and stalactites dotted the floor and the ceiling of the cave and adds fantastic allure to this underworld.

The revitalizing pool inside the cave.


The entrance fee is Php20. Smoking and alcohol are not allowed inside the cave. Touching the natural rock formations and vandalizing are strictly prohibited. Also, shouting and making unnecessary noises are not allowed. The community are working together to preserve this natural paradise. They are doing the best that they can to protect this precious gift from mother earth.

How to get to Bukilat Cave

  • Book a ticket from Manila to Cebu. 
  • Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia Have direct flights daily to Mactan International airport. Check rates and book here.
  • From Mactan International  Airport, ride a taxi going to Cebu Port.
  • Buy your tickets going to Camotes Island or book online in advance.
  • Ocean Jet is the fastest option going to Camotes. It will take 2 hours from Cebu to Camotes. Fare is PHP 500. Terminal Fee is PHP 25.
  • From Poro,  Camotes Pier hire a motorcycle around PHP 500 to the town of Tudela or in Bukilat Cave.
  • If you are traveling in a big group it is much better to rent a multicab at around PHP 1000 to PHP 1500.

Where to Stay in Camotes?

Big Z Pension House

Poro,Camotes Cebu


  • Walking distance from Poro, Camotes Pier
  • For bookings and reservations look for:
  • Irene- 09233383826
You may also stay in these hotels and resorts. Please click the name of the hotel / resort below to check the rates and availability.

  1. Aladin White Beach Resort
  2. Heritage Inn
  3. Camotes Flying Fish Resort
  4. My Little Island Hotel
  5. Sunset Vista

Travel reminders:
“Leave no Trace”

  • Plan ahead and prepare.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Minimize campfire impacts (be careful with fire).
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.
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