The province of Cebu is one of the most recognizable and well–known tourist spots in the world. The province is blessed with tropical sceneries and unforgettable adventures. Aside from Kawasan Falls in Badian and Whale Shark watching in Oslob, the Camotes Islands in the eastern part of Cebu can be the next big tropical island escape. Camotes Island is a small piece of paradise with four municipalities. Each municipality keeps an enchanting charm for every traveler to discover. Endless tropical vibe, photography perfect landscape and the sweetest welcome of locals await for those who want to experience the total island life of Camotes. Check out our list of top beach resorts in Camotes Island]
Camotes Island Beach Resort
The mesmerizing shore of Santiagop white Beach


Top 5 Beaches and Beach Resorts to Unwind in Camotes Island

Located in the fishermen town called Mangodlong, Heminsulan San Francisco, this Camotes Island beach resort is popular among foreign tourist due to its relaxing ambiance, beautiful shore, fine white sand and clear turquoise water. The resort is ideal for a “barkada” getaway, family gatherings and for a romantic honeymoon. The beach resort is calm and relaxing matched with fewer tourists. The scenery is just refreshing. There are private rooms for overnight stay, private cottages, swimming pool and beach front café and bar. To get there, you can hire a motorcycle for around PHP 500 to PHP 1000 for a whole day of use. If you’re traveling in a big group the best option is to hire a multicab for PHP 1000 to 1500. Expect rough and bumpy roads going to the resort. It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the town of San Francisco. 
Entrance fee to Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort: PHP 20 (day tour)
The romantic atmosphere in Mangodlong Rock Resort
Camotes Island Beach Resort


Forty minutes away from Mangodlong beach is another tropical beach paradise. Situated in the quaint town of Santiago; Santiago white beach is a favorite tropical escape for locals and foreign tourist. The long stretch of sugary white sand and crystal aquamarine water is a revitalizing playground for a hot afternoon. The refreshing shallow water is a perfect spot to waste time under the tropical sun.  The summery vibe of the place creates a memorable adventure and a mesmerizing summer dream. There are cottages available and overnight camping is allowed.  It can be a bit crowded during summer season since it is a public beach. There are stores around and a public restroom for PHP 5 to 10 per use. 
The Long stretch of sugary white sand in Santiago white Beach


Situated 30 minutes away from the Port in the town of Poro,  Buho Rock Resort is an ultimate spot for adventure and thrill seekers. The resort offers exciting water activities such as cliff diving and water slides that will go directly to the ocean. Cliff diving is the popular water activity in the resort. They have two cliff diving platforms that will surely test your nerves. The highest is 35 feet and the other one is around 20 feet. They also have cottages situated over the naturally formed rocks overseeing the endless horizon. 

Entrance fee PHP 20
Buho rock resort facebook page :

35 feet Cliff Diving Platform


Mactang beach in Esperanza town is a must visit public beach in Camotes Island. The scenic shore dotted with palm trees is a great weekend escape. During low tide locals are picking up different edible aquatic life for a sumptuous dinner. The long pebbly to sandy shore is an ideal area to relax and to sit peacefully while waiting for the sun to set. The best time to visit is during late afternoon where you can witness the beautiful orange sky over the endless horizon.  The entrance is free. There are public restroom and concrete bench along the beach.
The laid back and peaceful vibe of Mactang beach.


Lawis marine sanctuary is one of the go to “tambayan” among locals. The park is a refreshing place to unwind while looking at the vast ocean. Cool salty breeze adds charm to the park. Snorkeling and scuba diving is a must try water activity in the area. Colorful marine life and different species of fish thrive under the tropical waters. The coastline is covered with rock formations and crushed corals. There are bamboo cottages and picnic areas for family outing and small gatherings. It also had a cliff diving platform for adrenaline junkies. 
An ideal spot to watch the sunset.


How to get to Camotes Island

  • Book a ticket from Manila to Cebu. 
  • Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia have direct flights daily to Mactan International Airport. Visit their website for promos and bookings. 
  • From Mactan International  Airport ride a taxi going to Cebu Port.
  • Buy your tickets going to Camotes Island or you can also book online here.
  • Ocean jet is the fastest option going to Camotes. It will take 2 hours from Cebu to Camotes. Fare is PHP 500. Terminal Fee is PHP 25.
  • From Poro, Camotes pier hired a motorcycle around PHP 500 to PHP 1500 to explore the island. The price is subject for changes depending on your destination.
  • If you are in a big group it is much better to rent a multicab at around PHP 1000 to PHP 2000 depending on your destination. 

Where to Stay in Camotes Island?

Big Z pension House
Poro,Camotes Cebu

  • Walking distance from Poro, Camotes pier
  • For bookings and reervations look for: Irene- 09233383826
  • You can also check Agoda for more options.
Big Z Pension House in Poro, Camotes Island.
  • Plan ahead and prepare.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Leave what you find.
  • Minimize campfire impacts (be careful with fire).
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.

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