Looking for your next food trip destination? Look no more, head over to Roxas City – the seafood capital of the Philippines. Indulge yourself with a gastronomic treat in a city where seafood is abundant. Whether you are looking for mud crabs, blue crabs, oysters, prawns, groupers or seaweeds, Roxas City has something fresh and sumptuous to offer you. So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight now and experience the bounty of Roxas City. [Read: Capiz : More Than Just Seafood]


Where to Eat in Roxas City?

Roxas City has a lot of restaurants that offer delectable fresh seafood. Here’s our top choice of the best places to eat in Roxas City.

Palina Greenbelt Ecopark

Palina Greenbelt Ecopark is a community based ecotourism site located in Barangay Cablatan, Roxas City. It is one of the city’s ecotourism sites which offers a scenic river tour with delicious seafood on board as well as relaxation services such as massage, manicures and pedicures. It is a recipient of the 2018 ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award and the Grand Winner of the 11th ATOP-DOT Pearl Awards 2016 in the Best Practices on Community-based Responsible Tourism Enterprise category.
I highly recommend doing the Palina Greenbelt River Cruise in Roxas City as it helps the community prosper. The experience was wonderful and the food was glorious. Definitely worth your time and money.

Café Pueblo at the Plant Farm

If you want a nice ambiance on top of the good food that you are craving, Café Pueblo is the place for you. It offers delightful Filipino comfort food as well as fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. The baked scallops is a must-try!

Baybay Seafood Grills

Baybay Seafood Grills is a stretch of seafood stalls located in the Baybay Beach. It offers an array of fresh seafood from crabs to oysters and prawns. You can choose whatever seafood available and you can have it cooked to your own preference.

Roxas City Tourist Spots

Roxas City is not just about seafood. It also offers pilgrimage and heritage attractions that will help appreciate the history of Roxas City and Capiz. Here are some of the tourist Spots in Roxas City.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine is a religious landmark situated insde the Peublo de Panay Township. It’s a 102-foot statue of Jesus mounted on a 30-foot pedestal on top of a hill. It is currently the tallest statue of Jesus in the Philippines and the fourth tallest in the world.

Ang Panublion Museum

Panublion is a Hiligaynon term for heritage. It’s the official name of the Roxas City Museum which serves as the cultural, historical and archaeological custodian of the province of Capiz. It is located in a converted water tank built in the early 1900. 

Birthplace of Manuel Roxas

One of the heritage houses in Roxas City is the birthplace of Philippines’ fifth President Manuel A. Roxas. The ancestral home is situated at the corner of Rizal and Zamora Streets.

Pan-ay Church and Bell

The Santa Monica Parish Church or commonly known as Panay Church is the oldest church in Panay Island. It houses the largest bell in Asia and the third biggest in the world. It is located in the town of Panay in the province of Capiz about 30 minutes from Roxas City.

Where to Stay in Roxas City

Find comfort in Roxas City by staying in one of these top-rated and highly recommended hotels.

Hotel Veronica Roxas City

Located inside the Pueblo de Panay Township, Hotel Veronica offers comfortable rooms and suites at very reasonable prices. Check rates and availability.

Urban Manor Hotel Roxas City

A business hotel in Roxas City, Urban Manor Hotel features comfortable accommodations at budget-friendly rates. Check rates and availability.
Urban Manor Hotel | Photo by Agoda

Islands Hotel Roxas City

Islands Hotel is a newly-built hotel situated in the Pueblo de Panay Township. It offers both budget rooms and luxurious suites. Check rates and availability.

Islands Hotel | Photo by Agoda

Where to buy Pasalubong in Roxas City?


Kapis Atbp

Learn the art of creating innovative products out of Capiz Shells, locally known as Pios. The store offers different variety of products made from Capiz Shells like lanterns, chandeliers and even personal accessories.


Banica Dried Fish Center

Roxas is not only known for its fresh produce, it is also popular for its dried fishes. Visit Banica Dried Fish Center if you want to bring home dried fishes. This market has a wide array of dried fishes ranging from the popular danggit to the less known but equally delectable boneless dilis. 



If you want to bring home something sweet, then Spanggo is the place for you. They offer delightful pies that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.


How to Get To Roxas City

From Manila: There are direct flights from Manila to Roxas City daily via Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Flight time is less than an hour. Book now.
From Cebu and Davao: Fly via Iloilo and take a van or a Ceres bus from Iloilo’s Tagbak Terminal. Travel time is around 3-4 hours.
From Boracay: Take a bus or van to Kalibo, from there take another bus to Roxas City. Travel time from Caticlan to Roxas is around 4 hours.
From Kalibo: Take a van or bus to Roxas City, Travel time is around 2 hours.
From Iloilo: You can take a Ceres bus or  a van from Iloilo City. The trip is around 3-4 hours.

Getting Around Roxas City

Tricycle is the primary mode of transportation used in Roxas City as well as the rest of Capiz Province. You can easily get a shared ride within the city but you might have to charter a ride if you are going to another town.

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