Bus Schedule : Manila to Casiguran / Casiguran to Manila

You can now book your bus ticket in advance if you are planning to go to Casiguran, Aurora from Metro Manila (Quezon City and Alabang). Casiguran is home to Casapsapan Beach known for its powdery white sand and crystal clear water. [Read: Baler Travel Guide]
Here’s the schedule of bus trips, fare and travel time from Quezon City and Alabang in Metro Manila to Casiguran in the province of Aurora.
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Bus schedule from Quezon City to Casiguran
Departs Quezon City Genesis, Manila at 6:30PM
Arrives Casiguran Aurora the following day at 4:10am
Fare is Php1,218 and travel time is around 10 hours
Bus schedule from Alabang to Casiguran
Departs in Alabang, Manila at 7:30PM
Arrives in Casiguran, Aurora at 6AM the following day
Fare is Php1,218 and travel time is 10.5 hours
Bus schedule from Casiguran to Quezon City and Alabang
Departs in Casiguran at 4PM 
Arrives in Manila the following day at 2AM in Quezon City and around 3AM in Alabang
Fare is Php1,098 and travel time is approximately 10 hours

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