La Paz to Puno: 2019 Bus Schedule and Fare

Schedule of bus trips from La Paz, Bolivia to Puno, Peru and from Puno to La Paz. Last updated on July 18, 2019.

La Paz, Bolivia is about 4-5 hours away from Puno, Peru. It’s a popular route for tourists who want to see both Peru and Bolivia. The travel time is sometimes long because some of the buses have a long stop in Copacabana. Here’s the schedule of bus trips from La Paz to Puno and Puno to La Paz from different bus companies. [Check out our Peru Travel Guide]

La Paz to Puno Bus Schedule and Fare

Bus schedule from La Paz, Bolivia to Puno, Peru

Bus CompanyDepartureArrivalFare
Bolivia Hop7:00 AM8:00 PMUSD30
Nuevo Continente Internacional7:30 AM1:00 PMUSD22
Trans Titicaca8:00 AM4:00 PMUSD13
Trans Titicaca1:30 PM8:30 PMUSD15
Trans Titicaca4:00 PM10:00 PMUSD18
Tour Peru4:30 PM11:30 PMUSD15
Trans Salvador4:30 PM10:00 PMUSD19

Bus schedule from Puno, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia

Bus CompanyDepartureArrivalFare
Tour Peru6:45 AM3:00 PMUSD15
Trans Titicaca7:00 AM3:00 PMUSD13
Bolivia Hop8:30 AM10:30 PMUSD49
Trans Titicaca1:30 PM10:30 PMUSD13


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