Flying to Iloilo via Air Asia in Clark International Airport

Have traffic and long lines become an acceptable and necessary nightmare for the dream vacation to begin?  Or, more than ensuring that you have packed all that you needed, you are making sure that you have double the extra time allotted for unpleasant surprises?  If so, then you may be glad to know that Clark International Airport is a good alternative to Manila airports.  Air Asia in particular aims to make Clark International its main hub for operations and have been adding to its Clark fleet since March 2017.

Air Asia counters in Iloilo International Airport.

With Iloilo being the primary gateway to Panay Island, a recent trip got us to travel with Air Asia via their Clark-Iloilo route.  Traveling to Clark from Quezon City was a real breeze since it was a Wednesday when we left, and much of Metro Manila were in their workplaces dreaming about the weekend.  Since we were in a group, we traveled via van but there are available NAIA-3 to Clark, Trinoma to Clark, and vice versa P2P buses.  

Air Asia counters in Clark International Airport.

Bright and spacious, there is little to no chance of bumping anyone with your bags or elbows.

I was awestruck by the sight of not having a lot of people to bump into.  Checking into our Iloilo flight was a quick one.  There was but a short line, and the lady at the counter tried so hard to have us sit together because you know, clingy.  However, the flight was full so we were broken up in groups of three.  It was refreshing to be able to fly on time without any delays and that goes the same for our return flight.  The luggage waiting time was reasonable and we had no issues with our checked-in luggages. 

Having no lines is a sight to behold in Clark International. 
Our return to Manila was in the same efficient way as our departure.  This time we were all seated apart but nonetheless elated from our Panay trip, and the pleasant flight to disembarkation experience was a good finale to it all.

En route to Iloilo in Clark International Airport

Experiencing Western Visayas first via Air Asia’s Clark to Iloilo flight

Air Asia flies from Clark to Iloilo on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.  You may book your tickets through or through the airline’s mobile app both on Android and iOS.

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