A travel guide to visiting Manuel Beach Uy Resort in Batangas, Philippines.

Calatagan, Batangas is another favorite weekend escapade for travelers and sun worshippers. Since travel time is just 3 to 4 hours from Metro Manila, this place is one of the best go-to destinations for a relaxing and well deserve break. The quaint province boasts tropical shores, beautiful landscapes and summer atmosphere. [Read: Top Beach Resorts in Batangas]

The relaxing shore of Manuel Uy beach.

Beaches in Batangas

Burot Beach (temporarily closed) and Stilts Resort are just some of the notable attraction in Calatagan, but there’s a new spot that is starting to gain popularity for beach campers and beach goers. Located in the province of Calatagan, Manuel Uy Beach Resort is the next must visit destination in this province. Named after its owner, the beach achieves its popularity because of its budget friendly vibe.  A picture-perfect getaway for barkada outing. [Check out our list of 18 Best Resorts in Batangas]


My friends enjoying the afternoon.

Manuel Uy Beach Resort Batangas

The beach had long creamy sand combined with turquoise blue shallow water.  Its long shoreline offers a fantastic refuge for a quick escape from all the hustle and bustle of life. The summer ambience is just mesmerizing and stress relieving. You can just sit all day outside your tent while gazing at the endless horizon waiting for the sun to set.  There are no concrete establishments in the area only a small store and a nicely built restrooms. If you are a fan of camping then this beach should be in your beach list. Going there is cheap and easy. Manuel Uy is not that outstanding like the other s but it has a unique charm that can captivate any travelers.


When the sea and sky meet.


A great place to unwind.


To enjoy the serenity of the beach the best time to visit is during weekdays. If you’re planning to visit during weekends or long holidays make sure to arrive early to secure a spot for your tents. The area was clean and I can say well maintained. The staffs are nice and they regularly clean the beach every morning. Also, it is very important to bring your own foods and cooking materials just be responsible with your trash.


Camping Area.


  • From Pasay, MRT-EDSA terminal take a bus going to Calatagan. Firts trip is around 4:00 in the morning. Travel time is 3 to 4 hours, Fare is Php 180.
  • There are passenger van bound to Calatagan besides Kabayan Hotel and Metropoint Mall in MRT-EDSA station. Fare is also Php 180.
  • From Catalagan town proper hire a tricycle for Php 200 one way good for 4 persons going to Manuel Uy beach. Travel time is 30 to 45 minutes.


  • There are no rooms and cottages in Manuel Uy. 
  • Overnight camping is allowed.
  • Pitching of tents are the most common choice for overnight stay.
  • Entrance fee: Php 100 for day tour
                              Php 200 for overnight stay
  • Tent rentals: Php 500 for day tour
                             Php 500 for overnight stay
  • There’s a different rate when you bring your own tent:
  • Tents that can accommodate 1 to 4 persons is Php 150 for day tour,same price for overnight stay
  • Tents good for 5 to 10 persons is Php 250 for day tour, same price for overnight stay.
  • 11 to 15 persons is Php 600 for day tour,same price for overnight stay. 
  • Motorcycle Php 20
  • Car and vans Php 100
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