Tiamban Beach and Bonbon Beach (Romblon) : A Backpackers Guide

Aside from the Marble industry of Romblon, there are unspoiled beaches, vibrant aquatic life, historical sites, rich culture, majestic landscapes, humble locals and unheard islands that make the Province of Romblon as a top choice among adventurers. This province is jam-packed with natural wonders and endless sunrise. Romblon is divided into three major islands such as Tablas Island, Romblon, Romblon and Sibuyan Island. Each Island holds a secret that needs to be uncovered. [Read: Exploring the Town of Romblon]

BonBon Beach and Tiamban Beach are best examples of an unspoiled beauty and secluded paradise. The long powdery white sand matched with turquoise clear water is the best hideout to relax and to have fun. Since the Province of Romblon is pretty hard to reach, some of the beaches here retain its beauty and peacefulness. You can always find a secret beach to unwind and to get lost.

The refreshing shore of Bonbon Beach.


BonBon beach is located 15 to 20 minutes away from the town of Romblon, Romblon.  You can a hire a tricycle for just Php15 to get there. The beach is open to public but overnight camping is not yet allowed due to safety reasons. Tourists are allowed to stay until 7pm. There are no available resorts in the area but according to the tourism office there are ongoing plans to build resorts in the beach. Aside from the pristine shore of Bonbon beach you can also cross another islet via sandbar that connects BonBon beach and Bangug Islet. The best time to cross the sandbar is during early in the morning when the water is low and calm. A walk on this long and snake shape sand bar while sunrise is a must try. 

The sandbar that leads to Bangug Islet.

A glimpse of a perfect summer getaway.

The soft powdery sand of the beach creates a perfect summer aura for sun filled memories. The water is clear and serene which is refreshing.  BonBon Beach creates an idyllic setting for a summer escapade. The beach is not yet highly commercialized so you can really enjoy the silence and the calmness of the place. There are Pandan trees that provide shade for the hot summer sun. You can pitch tents and bring foods and drinks to fully enjoy the beach. 

The pristine beach of Tiamban.


Tiamban Beach is located in the far right side of BonBon Beach. To reach this unspoiled beach you can walk from the main road from Bonbon beach or you can walk on the right side of BonBon beach and cross different rock formations to reach Tiamban. The walk will take up to 10 to 15 minutes. Since overnight camping is not allowed in Bonbon beach we decided to visit Tiamban and stay there for a night. The Entrance fee is Php 40 for adults and Php 25 for kids. They also have air-conditioned rooms for Php 1200 per night. Overnight camping is about Php 250 per night. You can also borrow kitchen utensils for cooking and they have meals available for orders. The place is nice and clean and with much lesser crowd. 

Less crowd, Crystal clear water and tropical atmosphere. Perfect!

Ideal beach to chill.

If you’re looking for a beach with less crowd and with beautiful scenery then Tiamban beach would be the perfect choice. The sand here is soft and fine. The crystal aquamarine water is tranquil and cool. The long shoreline is an ideal playground for beach lovers and travel junkies. The beach is a perfect getaway for barkada trips and romantic escape. Our original plan was to stay here for just one night but we ended up staying here for two nights. We can’t resist the quietness of the beach. 


By Air:
  • Book a flight going to Tugdan airport in Tablas Island. (This is by far the only airport in Romblon.)
  • From the airport, ride a jeep going to the town of Looc. Fare is Php 50.
  • From the town of Looc, catch the jeep bound for the town of San Agustin or the San Agustin Port. It will take two hours from Looc to San Agustin.  Fare is Php 120. 
  • From San Agustin Port take the passenger boat going to Romblo,Romblon. Fare is Php 100. Terminal Fee is Php 10.00
  • From Romblon, Romblon Port , ride a tricycle to BonBon Beach or Tiamban Beach for just Php 15. 

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Notes and travel tips:

Jeepneys and boats schedule in Romblon are available early in the morning and in the afternoon. Since the travel time will take one to two hours to reach another town it is advisable to plan ahead and manage your time to avoid hassle and delays. Make sure to book your boat tickets early and visit the tourism office for vital information. 

By Sea:
  • Book a ticket from Batangas port to Romblon,Romblon. 2GO, Montenegro shipping Lines and Navios Shipping Lines offers direct route to Romblon,Romblon. It will take approximately 13 to 14 Hours to reach the Province of Romblon. The fare is around Php 900 to 1200 including the terminal fee. Make sure to reserve your tickets as early as possible to avoid cutting trips and delays. Book a ticket now.
  • From Romblon, Romblon Port , ride a tricycle to BonBon Beach or Tiamban Beach for just Php 15.

Notes and travel tips:

You can buy supplies and goods from the public market in the town of Romblon. If you are planning to spend a night or a week in Tiamban or Bonbon Beach then you must be prepared and well stuffed. It’s hard to catch a tricycle during the night and there are no stores near the beach. 


Since overnight camping is not allowed in BonBon beach I recommend that you should spend the night in Tiamban Beach Resort. 

  • Entrance fee for adults: Php 40, for kids- Php 25
  • Rooms: Php 1200 per night
  • Tent: Php 250 per night

Where to stay in Romblon? Recommended hotels to stay in the  province of Romblon. Please click the name of the hotel below to check the rates and availability.
  1. Binucot Beact Resort – Tablas Island
  2. White Beach Dive and Kite Resort – Carabao Island
  3. By the Sea Resort – Tablas Island
  4. Footprints Beach Resort – Tablas Island
  5. Lanas Beach Resort – Carabao Island
  6. Marlin Bar Restaurant & Accommodation – Romblon, Romblon

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