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A recent trip in Mariveles, Bataan gave us the chance to stay at The Oriental Bataan, roughly a 30-45 minute drive from the 1Bataan drop off point in Port Capinpin.  The Oriental Bataan is one of five hotels under The Oriental Hotels and Resorts brand that aims to give a Uniquely Oriental feel that complements the local flavor of the province they are in. Book now!

The Oriental Bataan offers a Uniquely Oriental feel to its guests
Airy and cozy at the same time.

Upon checking in, the unusual hotel layout sparks curiosity as just behind the front desk is their very own buffet restaurant. Interestingly, the place does not come assaulting you with food smells that scream buffet. Guest rooms surround the circular buffet area along with pockets of lounge areas where you can hang out. [Read: Reach Bataan Faster with 1Bataan’s Ferry-Bus Transport System]

Kulinarya sits directly behind the front-desk.

The pool and outdoor lounge area are easily accessible from the front desk and buffet, and you can  check them out while waiting for your room.  Prepare for a visual feast as you make your way towards the outdoor amenities.

The Cliff Lounge

This area features cabanas that give off that beach vibe. Great to hang out in during late afternoons when it’s not too hot or after dinner for some chit chat before hitting the sack.

Master the chill life at one of the cabanas.

The Pool Area

This is probably one of the highlights of the hotel.  The pool is Nautilus shell-shaped surrounded by guest rooms in a similar set up as the buffet.  There are several sun lounges and complementary pool towels can be borrowed by the bar area.

Lounging by the pool is always a good idea

The pool is equally stunning at night

Cocoon Restaurant

Nestled nearby the pool area is another restaurant that serves Asian dishes.  The interiors are amazingly intricate with pieces reminiscent of the old world. The table was setup painstakingly adding depth to the earthy vibe of the place.  We were able to try some of the dishes at Cocoon and they are really mouth-watering. 

The Cocoon Restaurant is perfect for a more sophisticated sit-down meal to cap your Bataan trip.

No place for chandeliers.  The Cocoon Restaurant uses cooking utensils as decor.

With the heat of the noontime sun, the idea of settling in your air-conditioned room is a compelling one.  The rooms we had for the night had two queen-sized beds with a provision for an extra bed.  The room was spacious with a sliding door that leads to the balcony. I especially like that the bathroom is senior and differently-abled friendly as it included handrails for both bath and toilet areas.  The downside though is that the tiles get a bit slippery with water so extra care needs to be taken.

Our room for the weekend

The largest buffet in Bataan

With any hotel stay, the buffet almost always competes with the pool for being a guest’s most favorite part.  Kulinarya is certainly not an exception to that. The circular orientation is a welcome difference to the usual set-ups we are all familiar with.  It attempts to have a little of everything to cater to varying tastes and mood.

Kulinarya has several stations location in and surrounding the circle.

The bread station with a variety of jams to choose from.

The Halo-halo station was certainly everyone’s favorite.

My personal favorite: the canapé station.

Aside from The Oriental Bataan, there are two more upcoming properties by The Oriental Hotels and Resorts that aims to answer the increasing demand brought by an economic zone. 

Bataan Convention Center by The Oriental

The Bataan Convention Center is a 15-minute drive from The Oriental Bataan. The venue is suitable for conferences, workshops, or art exhibits with its 7 function rooms with a combined capacity good for 100 people.  Free shuttle service is available for guests checked in at The Oriental Bataan depending on shuttle availability.

Aiming to put Mariveles as a convention hub, The Oriental set up the Bataan Convention Center.  Photo by: Paula O

The Dormitory by The Oriental

The Oriental is introducing serviced apartments in Mariveles with The Dormitory. Suites rivaling that of a hotel’s with provision to personalize the living space is available for monthly rental.  This is a cost-efficient alternative to hotels for those who stay in Bataan for months on end.

Soon-to-be launched serviced apartments in Mariveles, Bataan

Rooms are fitted with basic furnishings allowing the guests to customize as they please.

How to get there: From Manila, travel with 1Bataan’s Ferry-Bus system. The Oriental Bataan is just about 30-45 minute drive from the 1Bataan drop off point in Port Capinpin.

The Oriental Bataan

Hilltop Drive, Barangay Malaya, Freeport Area of Bataan
Tel.No.: (047) 612-3930, (047) 612-3558, (047) 612-3682
Mobile No.: +63 927 886-8887
Facebook: @TheOrientalBataan
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