Visiting the Five Fingers Cove of Mariveles, Bataan

Your travel guide to visiting Five Fingers Bataan – one of the must-visit tourist spots in the province of Bataan.

If beach bumming is more like a second-day option and you are up for something adventurous to spend that vacation-induced adrenaline on, then visiting the Five Fingers Bataan is a must-try.  According to Bataan Weather Page, the team behind curating the Five Fingers Bataan tour, the cove looks like a hand with outstretched fingers (surprise!) when seen from above. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Bataan]

Five Fingers Bataan

The tour starts with meeting up at the jump-off point for the orientation, distribution of life vests, and signing up for the visitor control form which is mostly just listing your name down.  In our case, we also had to sign an accident waiver and release of liability form that day.  Apparently, the travel insurance that comes with the tour packages did not make it on time for our trip, hence the waiver.  I would normally advise against it but since we were there I said, “What the heck!” [Read: Ferry Schedule: Manila to Bataan]

Five Fingers Cove Bataan

First stop: Cochino’s Point, the thumb

Trekking shoes or sandals are a must as ordinary slippers won’t help with traction and sharp rocks.

This stop is your baptism of fire to what would be a series of monoliths you will encounter as you go through the Five Fingers Bataan.  We had to (rock) climb the steep side as the viewpoint is way up in “the line where the sky meets the sun rocks, it calls me.”

A splendid view atop Cochino’s Point awaits the bravest of hearts

Admittedly, I was not able to have as much fun in this part as the rest of my friends.  I have no known fear of heights but climbing that steep and being very disoriented with where my feet go, and being almost face to face with the rock wall made me panicky, I almost did not make it.  That’s when I remembered the waiver we signed and I have never wished so hard for that travel insurance.  This goes without saying that being a responsible traveler also means knowing when to stop, and not put anyone in harm’s way just because you can’t be that loser who did not finish.  On the side of the operators though, it would be better to have at least 2 guides per group – one acting as the leader and the other as the sweeper, both with knowledge on first-aid and handling eventualities.    

Second stop: Talaga Point, the index finger

Third stop: Horno’s Point, the middle finger

Breathtaking and saddening at the same time.  

With its imposing presence, this cove is getting popular amongst those wanting to ace a rustic-nature concept for their prenup photoshoots. Too bad that the rocks have already been vandalized considering tours have only been operational for quite a short time. Being a responsible traveler means that we keep these gems in their pristine condition as respect to the locals who have been generous in sharing their piece of paradise with visitors like us.  

This cove also has the highest point for cliff-jumping at 50 ft.  The guides are helpful in making sure that you jump at the right spot and not hit the rocks – so you listen and listen well.

Fourth stop: Naiklec Point, the ring finger

Fifth stop: Longos Kawayan Point, the pinky finger  

This is also a cliff-jumping spot at 40 ft. Also known as Nagbintana among locals since the arch looks like a window. This cove also serves as a nesting site for migratory birds so bird-watching might be a good offering as part of the tour.

Nagbintana. Photo by Jherson Jaya

Included in the Five Fingers package tour is the lunch at Kaweder Campsite at Aglaloma Point. This also serves as the campsite for those who availed of the overnight tour. They serve unlimited rice, seafood-all-you-want, the famous Bataan chicken, and veggies. This area is a beach-front so you can swim after having lunch.

Steamed crabs, steamed shrimps, Bataan chicken, and veggies for lunch!
Kaweder campsite

For tour arrangements of Five Fingers, make sure to book only with operators endorsed by Bataan Tourism like the Mariveles Five Fingers Tour by BWP.

Mariveles Five Fingers Tour by BWP

Poblacion, Mariveles Bataan Mariveles, Bataan 2105 Mobile #: 0915 248 3726 IG: @bwpfivefingers FB: @fivefingersmariveles

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