Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide: Itinerary, Budget + Travel Tips

Our Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide, ideal for budget travelers and backpackers who want to experience the beauty of this island in Eastern Visayas. Last updated on December 10, 2019.

Kalanggaman Island is undoubtedly one of the Jewels of Eastern Visayas. It’s one of the most talked-about destinations in the region attracting hundreds of visitors every day. Luckily, the local government unit of Palompon where Kalanggaman Island belongs to has acted proactively regulating the number of daily visitors to the island making it a sustainable tourism destination. [Related Topic: Sambawan Island Travel Guide]

This is our Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide. We hope this will help you plan your visit to this gorgeous island.

Kalanggaman Island

How to get to Kalanggaman Island?

From Palompon. Take a boat to Kalanggaman Island. Travel time is an hour. The boat rental fees below:

  • From 1 to 15 passengers – Php3,000 
  • Up to 25 passengers – Php3,500 
  • Up to 30 passengers – Php4,000
  • If you are traveling solo just like me or in a small group, you can tell the tourism office staff that you are alone or in a small group and she will find a group where you can join. Then, she or you can ask the group if they would allow you to share a boat with them and divide the cost accordingly. I was lucky that the group that I joined has one more slot in the boat capacity so I was able to join them. I am really thankful to them for allowing me to share a ride with their boat.
Kalanggaman Island from above
Kalanggaman Island Drone Shot

From Malapascua Island. Ask your resort for a tour package to Kalanggaman. They normally have an individual rate for a shared boat that usually leaves Malapascua in the morning and arrives back in the afternoon. The rate ranges from around Php700 to Php800.

From Manila. Fly to Ormoc City or Tacloban City. From there, follow the instructions below. You can also take a bus from Manila to Tacloban or Ormoc if you fancy traveling on a long journey. You can book your flight or bus ticket below or check here. The flight frequency from Manila to Ormoc is very limited so a good option is to fly to Tacloban.

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From Tacloban. Take a van to Palompon from Tacloban. Travel time is around 3 hours and the fare is Php170. From the drop-off point, walk towards the Palompon Eco-Tourism office to pay the entrance fee and get a boat to go to Kalanggaman Island. Do you need a place to stay in Tacloban? Check out our list of DOT-Accredited Hotels in Tacloban.

From Ormoc. Take a van to Palompon from Ormoc City. Travel time is around 2 hours and the fare is Php110. From the drop-off point, walk towards the Palompon Eco-Tourism office to pay the entrance fee and get a boat to go to Kalanggaman Island.

From Naval. Take an Ormoc-bound van and alight in Libungao Junction. Travel time is around 1.5hours and the fare is Php100. From Libungao Junction, take another van to Palompon. Travel time is around an hour and the fare is Php90. From the drop-off point, walk towards the Palompon Eco-Tourism office to pay the entrance fee and get a boat to go to Kalanggaman Island.

From Cebu. Take a boat to Palompon. Check out the boat schedule and fare here. You can also fly to Ormoc or Tacloban and follow the instructions above.

From Davao. Fly to Cebu then follow the instructions above or take a bus to Tacloban or Ormoc. Travel time by bus is around 24 hours and the fare is around Php1,000. From Tacloban or Ormoc, follow the instructions above.

Kalanggaman Island
Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island Day Tour Rates (Entrance / Conservation Fee)

  • Foreign tourists: Php500 (USD10)
  • Non-Palompon local tourist: Php150
  • Non-Palompon college student: Php40
  • Non-Palompon high school student: Php30
  • Non-Palompon elementary student: Php20
  • Senior citizens: Php120
Kalanggaman Island Sandbar
Kalanggaman Island Sandbar

Kalanggaman Island Overnight Rates (Entrance / Conservation Fee)

  • Foreign tourists: Php750 (USD15)
  • Non-Palompon local tourist: Php225
  • Non-Palompon college student: Php60
  • Non-Palompon high school student: Php45
  • Non-Palompon elementary student: Php30
  • Senior citizens: Php180
Kalanggaman Island
Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island Tour Reservations and Daily Visitor Limit

The LGU of Palompon limits the number of tourists to 500 per day to preserve its natural beauty. So, you must call the Palompon Eco-Tourism Office hotline below to reserve your visit to the island. 

  • Landline: (053) 555 9731
  • Mobile (Globe): +63 926 8164005
  • Mobile (Globe): +63 926 8164007
  • Mobile (Smart): +63 998 5551421
Kalanggaman Island
Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island Amenities and Activities

  • There are open cottages for rent at Php500
  • There are also beach chairs for rent at Php50
  • There are shower areas but freshwater is not available. The boat operator will provide you with a couple of containers with fresh water which you can use. You can shower when you are back at the eco-tourism office.
  • There are cooking areas on the island.
  • A store that sells basic necessities at a higher cost is also on the island.
  • You can do kayaking, scuba diving, beach volleyball, and snorkeling while on the island.
Kalanggaman Island
Kalanggaman Island


  • Depart Naval at 6:30 am, van fare to Libungao junction is Php100 (Ormoc-bound van)
  • Arrived in Libungao Junction at 8 am
  • Took a van to Palompon at 8:30 am, the fare is Php90
  • Arrived in Palompon at 8:30 am
  • Left Palompon to Kalnggaman at 10 am via shared boat Php3,500/25, Php140each
  • Bought food for lunch and snacks at the eco-tourism canteen Php200
  • Arrived in Kalanggaman Island at around 11 am
  • Island time / Rented a beach chair for Php50
  • Left Kalanggaman Island at 4 pm
  • Arrived back in Palompon at 5 pm
  • Left Palompon to Ormoc at 6 pm, van fare Php110.
Kalanggaman Island
Kalanggaman Island

Travel Notes and Tips

  • Only swim in the designated swimming areas. Swimming in the sandbar is prohibited due to the strong current.
  • Soap and shampoo are not allowed on the island, you can wash up when you get back to the eco-tourism office in mainland Palompon
  • Bring food and water
  • No electricity on the island so charge up while on the mainland.
  • Be a responsible traveler. Palompon is strictly implementing waste segregation management. An eco-tourism staff will provide each boat a white and a black bag to segregate your trash into biodegradable and non-biodegradable.
Kalanggaman Island
Kalanggaman Island

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