PAG-ASA has not yet officially declared summer but one can quickly find that most resorts and hotels are already fully booked.  That especially rings true for #eLyU (La Union) where even just in February, weekends are brimming with local and foreign tourists.  Fret not, your eLyU dreams can still come true with P&M Final Option Resort.  The name Final Option might ring funny but yes, the facilities are good, and you won’t feel like you made a last-option/ no-option choice; and no, the resort does not have the makings of what could be a Final Destination 6 movie.  Now that part is over, here are some of the things you can expect from this resort. [Read: Foodspotting in eLyU]

A inviting row of sun loungers will greet you as you check in on your rooms.  Photo by: Florian Villanueva

The resort sits by the beachfront and has two areas: the room area, and the poolside area where they have amazing view decks and the German Bistro.  The property is not that big which makes going from one place (or room, if you have a big group) to another convenient. 

The rooms are spacious. This comfortably fits in 6 people and you still have enough room for bags.

Towels and toiletries are provided free of charge.
The rooms are straightforward, nothing fancy but the owners did not scrimp on space as well.  The full length mirror is also a nice touch for your mirror selfies and checking out that OOTD.

Pool area right across the rooms is accessible for morning dips before breakfast
The bean-shaped pool is a nice feature of the resort as you can still swim at night or if you are just generally frightened by the waves in the beach.

The pool is definitely mermaid-friendly

The German Bistro greets you with a colorful bar
What sets Final Option in my opinion is their German Bistro which not only serves German beer-sausage combo goodness but also food that will make you throw any diet plans you have away.  They have sinigang, adobo rice, crispy kangkong, and fried chicken, among others.  Still staying true to that simplistic approach but with great quality, expect that while these may be your staple Manila finds, they are really yummy and are served generously.

German beers

No, it is never weird for sinigang to go with adobo rice.  These guarantee a romantic date of flavors in your mouth.

Fried chicken and crispy kangkong. The crispy kangkong looked and tasted nothing like those you can get in Manila. You get more kangkong and less flour.
Final Option also has decks where you can bask in the sun while enjoying the company of your friends, and the view of the beach. 

If this won’t take your breath away, I don’t know what will. Photo by: Florian Villanueva

Rooms atop the bistro gives you a front row seat to the beach view. Photo by: Florian Villanueva
You have not really experienced eLyU if you have not tried surfing.  Final Option offers surfing lessons for beginners as well as kayaking, boating, and paddle boarding.  Alternatively, you can people-watch at the beach and snap photos of random surfer dudes.

Sunset surfing at P&M Final Option Resort

Complete list of room rates are available here.

320 Eagle Street Ili Norte, 
San Juan, La Union
Contact Numbers: (63) 72-888-2724, (63) 929-448-5505
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How to Go to P&M Final Option Beach Resort

  • Take a Vigan, Laoag or Abra bound bus from Cubao (Dominion, Partas, Viron, Farinas), Pasay (Partas) or Sampaloc (Viron). Fare is Php500 (USD10). Travel time is around 5-6 hours depending on the traffic situation.
  • Inform the driver or the bus conductor to drop you off in Maya Street after passing San Juan Public Market. Maya street sits is beside Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints Church. 
  • From the main road, turn left to Maya Street and walk straight. The resort is about 4 to 5 minutes walk from the National Highway.

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