Australia’s Airports Seeking to Provide More to Their Passengers Than Just Flights

We’ve written about traveling to Australia many times here on Escape Manila. One of the recent posts was on the main reasons to visit the Gold Cost. But this time round, we are going to talk about something a little different.

Question: When did you last spend time at an airport? If you travel a lot, you’re bound to find yourself visiting some airports more often than others. If you’re like me then mine is purely down to work. I have to travel back and forth between Manila and Sydney at least once a month. It is however, a relatively stress free flight. Philippine Airlines’ guide to the Manila to Sydney flight details how it takes just under half a day to get to Australia’s biggest airport. But due to it being a direct flight, the time goes pretty quick. But here’s the catch with Australian airports… don’t for one minute think they don’t have anything to offer.

Many treat airports as nothing but passageways that they need to get through. It’s all about getting from Point A to Point B, and nobody would ever think that time spent in airports would be enjoyable. But this is where most people are wrong!

Singapore’s Changi Airport changed the world and how it saw airport stays. With world-class facilities that rival even those of high-end hotels, Changi Airport gives all other airports a run for their money. This has resulted in the world’s top airports undergoing major renovations to try and keep up with the trend. But restaurants aren’t the only thing that airports have come up with to make time spent in their halls more enjoyable. Scotland’s Edinburgh Airport has, for the past two years, sponsored the city’s Jazz and Blues Festival, treating its passengers to a live Jazz band playing in the very halls of the airport. Promotions like these have elevated the experiences at airports to level unseen in the past, and with more people traveling now than ever before, airports are starting to feel the demand for higher levels of entertainment.

So, now we move onto to Oz…

Australia’s airports have certainly kept up with these innovations. Sydney Airport, which I have to pass through often asserts itself as Australia’s busiest coffee hub, serving 63,000 cups of coffee a week. Australian’s take grade pride in the quality of their coffee and I have to admit, it’s amazing. One of the best coffee shops in Sydney Airport is the award-winning Toby’s Estate, which has branches in Manila, too. It’s a great introduction to just how good Australian coffee is for all. It has also the BEST cakes.

From coffee to culinary delights, Sydney airport is also home to cult chef and Kitchen by Mike star Mike McEnearney. His successful restaurant has been open in the airport since 2013 and continues to serve world-class dishes.

Brisbane Airport, while still undergoing renovations and expansions to become more global has two relatively new on-site hotels a 5-star Pullman and a 3.5-star Ibis property within walking distance of Brisbane’s domestic terminal. The airport is also going to open an Airport Conference and Meeting Centre.

These are just some of the ways that Australia’s airports have begun to answer the call for improved facilities. With great live entertainment and promotions, staying at an airport for a layover is now more enjoyable than ever.

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