An Adventure Guide to Cabongaoan Beach and The Death Pool of Pangasinan

Summer is fast approaching. The temperature is starting to rise and it’s getting hotter and hotter everyday. Choosing for the perfect summer destination can be a little difficult considering the volume of tourist in major summer destinations. But worry no more, just pack your bags, prepare your swimwear and leave all your worries behind and just get totally lost in the astonishing beauty of Pangasinan. [Read: Pangasinan Travel Guide]

The beautiful shore of Cabongaoan Beach.
The province of Pangasinan is an ultimate summer getaway in the northern part of Luzon. This laid back province is surrounded with natural beauty and bountiful resources. Aside from the popularly known Hundred Islands and Patar Beach in Bolinao, the province is filled with endless tourist attractions due to its pristine coastline, hidden beautiful islands and tropical mountains. One of the best spot in Pangasinan with few tourists and with a different kind of thrill is the Cabongaoan Beach. 

The enchanting vibe in Cabongaoan Beach.

Cabongaoan beach is a perfect weekend getaway for weekend warriors and for those who wants to discover a place with a different kind of adventure and excitement. The beach has a powdery white sand and tropical waters. The wide coastline is an unspoiled hideout for a hot summer afternoon. The extensive stretch of fine white sand and refreshing shoreline is just irresistible. The summer feels of the beach is perfect for your Instagram goals and facebook stories. The tropical breeze and sunny atmosphere of this place is a wonderful spot for total relaxation. Cabongaoan beach is a budget friendly paradise for solo travelers, budget travelers and for backpackers alike. Cabongaoan beach is the best alternative for a beach getaway this summer.

Sitting on the edge of the “Death Pool”

A trip to Cabongaoan beach would not be complete without a visit in the thrilling and nerve wracking- “Death Pool”. The Death Pool of Cabongaoan beach is a must try for thrill seekers that will surely test their courage. Located in the far right side of the beach, this pool is a natural formation. Getting there is not an easy task. Sharp rocks and rough path is the only way in order to reach the pool. The Death pool is definitely not for faint-hearted individuals. According to some locals, there are holes underneath the pool that does create a dangerous current. It has a reputation of being deadly and dangerous but I guess that’s the true beauty of the pool. The Death pool is a very mysterious and enchanting creation of mother earth. The danger that is connected to the pool adds charm and profound beauty to this spectacular attraction. Adrenaline junkies are not afraid to jump in and experience total bliss in the pool. 

Huge waves crushing in the pool.

From mountains, caves, beaches,islands and stunning rock formations, Pangasinan is a tropical paradise. The province is blessed with natural beauty and charm. There are so many hidden gems that’s need to be discovered in the province. The beautiful coastline matched with thrill and excitement is an ideal summer escapade. Pangasinan should be on your next travel goals.

Getting there:
  • Ride a bus bound to Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Daily trips are available in Bus terminals in Cubao and Pasay. Five star bus and victory liner have direct route to Alaminos . Fare is around Php 350 to 400.
  • From Alaminos ride an ordinary bus going to Santa Cruz, Zambales, remind the driver to drop you off in Burgos market. The fare is Php 30.
  • From Burgos market charter a tricycle going to Cabongaoan beach. The fare may differ depending on your stay. Php 600 (back and forth) day tour and Php 1000 (back and forth) for overnight stay.

Where to stay:
Beach camping is allowed in the beach. You can bring your own tent and hammock.Tent rental is Php 300.

Luzviminda’s  Picnic and Camping resort.

Luzviminda’s White Sand Beach, Picnic and Camping site.
Contact details:
– 0917 787 6918
– 0977 429 4605
– 0927 429 3762
They have air-conditioned rooms and you can use all the amenities in their resort for a reasonable price. Plus, the owner is super nice and hospitable.
In Burgos market you can buy all the necessary stuff and supplies since there are no available diners or restaurants in the beach.
About the Author:
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