DIY Travel : JAPAN Itinerary & Expenses 11D/10N

Japan is one of Asia’s must-visit countries. Although Filipinos need a visa to enter Japan, the process is straightforward and getting a visa is easy compared to five years ago. Planning a trip and making an itinerary is often more tedious than applying for a visa. But, we’re making it easy for you. Traveler Dhai De Francia shares her detailed Japan Itinerary and Expenses during her last visit to Japan for 11 days and 10 nights. (Rent a portable WIFI in Japan)

Japan Itinerary and Expenses by Dhai De Francia

Visa Application (Friendship tours) 1,200 php
Plane Tickets, Cebu Pacific Air (Inclusive of 20kg baggage allowance and meal) – 15,000 php
Travel Tax – 1,620 php
AirBNB good for 3 pax (Namba near Dotonbori) – 16,666 php/pax
JR Pass (unlimited use of train, bus and shinkansen bullet train exclusive only to foreign tourists) – 13,000 php. Buy a JR Pass

Day 1 (Osaka) 
Limousine Bus from Kansai Airport to OCAT Namba – 462 php (Book here in advance)
Lawson (Snacks and Breakfast for the next day) – 240 php
Total = 702 php

Day 2 (Kyoto) 
Train from JR Namba to Osaka station (Claimed here our JR Pass) – 124 php
From Osaka Station to Kyoto Station and around Kyoto by train – (Free, JR Pass)
Lunch (Recommended – Katsukura, The Cube near Kyoto Station) – 440 php
Fushimi Inari Shrine – Free Entrance
Senbon Torii – Free Entrance
Snack (Recommended – Kushi Dango, near Inari Station) – 44 php/stick
Kiyomizudera – 176 php
Train to Osaka then JR Namba Station – (Free, JR Pass)
Dinner (Recommended – Gozen, Namba Walk) – 154 php
Lawson (Breakfast for the next day) – 140 php
Total= 1,078 php

Day 3 (Tokyo) 
Train to Tokyo Station (3 hrs travel via Shinkansen) – (Free, JR Pass)
Lunch (Recommended – Donburi, Ameyoko near Ueno Station) – 286 php
Snack (Recommended – Takoyaki, Beside Donburi) – 176 php
Train around Tokyo – (Free, JR Pass)
Ueno Market
Ueno Park 
Meiji Shingu Shrine
Shibuya Crossing
Akihabara Electric Town 
Train to Shin-Osaka Station (3 hrs travel via Shinkansen) – (Free, JR Pass)
Dinner (Recommended – 551 Horai, Shin-Osaka Station) – 157 php
Train to JR Namba Station – (Free, JR Pass)
Lawson (Breakfast for the next day) – 140 php
Total= 759 php

Day 4 (Nara) 
Lunch (Recommended – Yoshinoya, Midosuji near Namba Station) – 220 php
Train to Nara (1 hr travel) – (Free, JR Pass)
Bus to Nara Park – 93 php
Deer crackers (Deer feeding) – 66 php
Snacks (Grilled Squid, Nara Park) – 176 php
Snacks (Banana coated Choco, Nara Park) – 132 php
Kasuga Taisha Shrine – Free Entrance
Todaiji Temple and Todaiji Museum – 352 php
Snacks (Recommended – Tea House, inside Todaiji Museum) – 440 php
Kofukuji Temple – Free Entrance
Bus going back to Nara Station – 93 php
Train to JR Namba Station – (Free, JR Pass)
Dinner (Recommended – Kinguemon, Dotonbori) – 352 php
Snack (Recommended – Gyoza, Dotonbori) – 88 php
Lawson (Breakfast for the next day) – 140 php
Total=2,152 php

Day 5 (Kobe) 
Lunch- 220 php
Train to Rokkoumichi – (Free, JR Pass)
Bus to Mount Rokko – 93 php
Mount Rokko Tourist Pass (Cable car round trip and Circular bus line)- 594 php
Rokko Musical Box Museum – 453 php
Rokko Snow Park – 1,144 php
Bus to Rokkoumichi- 93 php
Train to Osaka then Namba Station – (Free, JR Pass)
Dinner – 320php
Lawson (Breakfast for the next day)- 140php
Total=3,057 php

Day 6 (Kyoto) 
Lunch- 220 php
Train to Kyoto Station and around Kyoto – (Free, JR Pass)
Bike Rental- 440 php/day
Note: Bikes must be returned before 5pm
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
Tenryuji Temple – 352php
Togetsukyo Bridge
Monkey Park Iwatayama- 242php
Snacks (Fried Chicken)- 110php
Snacks (Recommended – Yoshiya Hondori) – 132php
Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street 
Train to Shin-Osaka then Namba Station – (Free, JR Pass)
Dinner – 320php

Day 7 (Tokyo) 
Breakfast (Recommended – Doutor, JR Namba Station) – 172php
Train to Tokyo Station (3 hrs travel via Shinkansen) – (Free, JR Pass)
Lunch- 286php
Snack (Takoyaki)- 176php
Free day (Buy Pasalubong) 
Snack (Recommended – Tokyo Banana, Tokyo Station)- 213php
Train to Shin-Osaka then JR Nmaba – (Free, JR Pass)
Dinner – 176php
Lawson (Breakfast for the next day) – 140php

Day 8 (Shiga) 
Train to Kyoto Station – (Free, JR Pass)
Lunch (Recommended – Araumado, Kyoto Ramen Street near Kyoto Station) – 440php
Train to Shiga Station – (Free, JR Pass)
Bus to Biwako Valley – 145php
Biwako Valley Ski Resort [8am-5:30pm] (Entrance and Ropeway Roundtrip) – 836php
Sled Rental- 220php
Bus to Shiga Station – 145 php
Train to Shin-Osaka then JR Namba (Last day of JR Pass) – (Free, JR Pass)
Dinner – 330php
Lawson (Breakfast for the next day) – 140php

Day 9 (Universal Studios) (Book via Klook)
Train from JR Namba to Universal City – 79php
Lunch (Recommended – Saizeriya, Universal City Walk)- 344php
USJ Entrance – 3015php
Snack (Recommended – Turkey Leg)- 387php
Snack (Recommended – Butterbeer with Souvenir Cup)- 484php
Dinner – 376php
Train to JR Namba – 79php
Total= 4,764php

Day 10 (Osaka) – Food Trip! 
Kinguemon – Dotonbori (Best ramen in Osaka)- 352php
Osaka Takoyaki Kougaryu – Nishishinsaibashi (Best Takoyaki in Japan) – 176php
Osaka Osho – Dotonbori (Gyoza) – 88php
Pablo – Dotonbori (Most Popular Cheesecake shop in Japan) – 374php
Melon pan ice cream – Dotonbori (World’s 2nd best melon pan ice cream) – 176php
Yoshinoya (Midosuji ) – 220php

Day 11 (KIX) 
Limo Bus from OCAT Terminal to Kansai Airport- 462php
Lunch (Recommended -Ryukishin, Kansai Airport)- 440php

Total Expenses 20,035 per person
Total Expenses with Airfare, Airbnb and JR pass- 67,521php per person

Additional Noted from Dhai:

  1. We save Php22,000 in transportation cost because we bought a JR Pass. We highly recommend to get a JR Pass if you plan to explore many cities. The Shinkanses (bullet trains) are expensive to ride if you do not have a JR Pass. [Read : How to Maximize the Full Value of your JR Pass]
  2. Budget for pasalubong for Php10,000
  3. You can book a room with AirBnb for cheaper rates. [Read : Cheap Places to Stay in Tokyo Near Train Station]
  4. Visa processing can take about 5-7 days but sometimes lesser depending on the volume of application received by the embassy.
  5. You can eat at convenience store like 711, Family Mart, Lawso and Circle. Food is good there even in convenience stores.
  6. Bring your passport to avail of tax-free shops.
  7. You can buy pasalubong at Don Quijote – they have many branches in Japan.
  8. Trust your instincts when it comes to directions. Proven and tested. We never got lost. 🙂

About the Traveler / Author
Dhai De Francia is a young traveler from Laguna – the land of buko pies! She is a graduating student taking up Engineering Management at Mapua Institute of Technology. She’s aiming to be successful in life and she’s dreaming of traveling the world.

You can follow her adventures at:

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