Backpacking in Maldives : Where to Eat in Maafushi Island?

If you are wondering where to eat in Maafushi Island, here’s some restaurants we’ve tried in the island.

Maafushi Island is one of the most popular public islands in Maldives. It is an ideal getaway for backpackers and budget travelers due to its cheap accommodation and numerous island activities. It is about 45 minutes by speedboat from Male Airport. [Read : How to go to Maafushi Island]

Where to eat in Maafushi Island

Where to Eat in Maafushi Island?

Well, most of the accommodations in Maafushi have their own in-house restaurant so basically you are covered. If you want to try local cuisines like I did, you may try the restaurants below I have been to. They offer both local and international dishes. 

Harbour Cafe

I was walking around the island when I see a lot of locals eat in the restaurant. I was curious so I went in and checked their menu. It was interesting but not as cheap as I thought. I was already hungry so I dined in and ordered their Maldivian Curry. It was good although it was not I had imagined. It’s totally different from the creamy curry that I used to eat. 


Harbour Cafe is located near Coral Beach. Please see their menu below:





Nika Cafe & Restaurant

I wasn’t really planning of trying this restaurant but the heavy rain started to pour so I decided to go in and eat while waiting for the rain to stop. 



They normally have dinner buffet but they don’t have that night maybe because of the bad weather. Only a few people are actually roaming around the island. I ordered their Maldivian fried rice. It was good and the serving is generous. I also ordered and tried some local finger food, some were spicy and some were sweet. I also took a photo of their menu for you to have an idea about their food and prices. 











Nika Cafe & Restaurant is located near the watersports beach. 

This blog post is part of our comprehensive BACKPACKING IN MALDIVES TRAVEL GUIDE. This will help you explore Maldives on a budget. If you are looking for a luxurious vacation in Maldives, you can read our LUXURY HOLIDAY : MALDIVES TRAVEL GUIDE.

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