MALDIVES : Travel Itinerary and Expenses

Our Maldives itinerary and expenses from our backpacking + luxury travel in the island.

Here’s our Maldives itinerary and expenses from our latest trip to the Sunny Side of Life! The trip was both backpacking and luxury travel. The first two nights were spent in the mainland and public island and the last two nights were spent in a luxurious beach resort. So, this will work for those who are looking for a budget Maldives holiday or a dream luxury vacation. 

Maldives itinerary and expenses

I came all the way from Davao City, Philippines so I had to go to Manila to take a plane to Male, Maldives via Singapore. I took FlyScoot but you can also take AirAsia flights to Male from Kuala Lumpur. Other airlines also fly direct to Male, Maldives like Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Saudi Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Qatar Airways, China Southern Airlines, Air France and a lot more.

Day 0 of Maldives itinerary and expenses: November 28, 2017
Depart from Davao to Manila via Cebu Pacific 
Air Ticket Cost: Php2,308.00 with 15kg baggage allowance 
Lunch at Ka Tunying’s: Php375.00
Bus from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1: Php20.00
Travel Tax: Php1,620.00
Air Ticket Cost: Manila to Male via Singapore with 20kg BA Php11,268 booked via Wego
Travel Insurance from World Nomads Php4,500. I really recommend you get a travel insurance. I started getting travel insurance after I lost a luggage in an overseas trip.
Dinner: Php200.00
Day 1 Maldives itinerary and expenses: November 29, 2017
I arrived in Singapore at around 1am and my connecting flight to Male was at 7pm. I had a long layover so I explored Changi Ariport and also availed of the FREE Singapore Tour.
Breakfast: SGD5.00 (Php185.00)
Lunch: SGD5.50 (Php204.00)
Dinner: Php300.00
Bus from Male Airport to Hulhumale: MVR20.00 (Php65.00)
Accommodation at UI Inn booked via Agoda: USD42.00 (Php2,100)

Hulhumale Beach
Day 3 Maldives itinerary and expenses: November 30, 2017
Breakfast is complimentary at the Inn
Bus from Hulhumale back to Airport: MVR20.00 (Php65.00)
Speedboat from Airport to Maafushi Island: USD25.00 (Php1,250.00)
Lunch: MVR116.00 (Php377.00)
Water: MVR3.00 (Php9.75)
Dinner: MVR83 (Php266.00)
Accommodation: Equator Beach Inn Php2,500 booked via Agoda
*Equator Beach Inn was fully booked so I was transferred to the nearby Beachwood Hotel
*If you are on a limited budget and wants a cheaper way to go to Maafushi, you can read: How to get to Maafushi.
*There was a tropical depression when I went to Maafushi so there was no island hopping and other activities.
Maafushi Public Island
Day 4 Maldives itinerary and expenses: December 1, 2017
Breakfast is complimentary at the hotel
Speedboat back to Male Airport: USD25.00 (Php1,250.00)
Lunch and Snacks: Free at the Anantara Kihavah Sea Plane Lounge
Shared Seaplane: USD25.00 (Php1,250.00)
Anantara Kihavah Over Water Pool Villa USD660 divided by 3 / USD220.00 each (Php11,000.00)
Dinner: Free
*The original cost of the sea plane is USD571 and the Over Water Pool Villa is USD1,850 but we have a friend who has a friend who works at Anantara Kihavah so we got a huge discount!
*There was a low pressure area during our trip so our seaplane was cancelled and we took the domestic flight to a nearby public island and then took a speedboat to the resort. We arrived past 12 midnight in the resort instead of around 2pm so we were given complimentary dinner.
Day 4 Maldives itinerary and expenses: December 2, 2017
Anantara Kihavah Over Water Pool Villa USD660 divided by 3 / USD220.00 each (Php11,000.00)
Breakfast is complimentary at the resort
Cocktail: USD100.00 (Php5,000.00)
Dinner: Free by my friend Coco who was celebrating her birthday. She paid around USD140.00 at Salt Restaurant.
*We were so full from the breakfast so we did not take lunch. Instead, we had a cocktail at the Sea Underwater Restaurant.
*Again the Over Water Pool Villa rate is discounted from USD1,850.00 to only USD60.00 

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Day 5 Maldives itinerary and expenses: December 3, 2017
Breakfast is complimentary at the resort
Lunch: USD30.00 (Php1,500.00)
Shared Seaplane: USD25.00 (Php1,250.00)
Dinner: Free by my friend Jetren. We ate at Sala Thai Restaurant in Male.
Plane Ticket from Male to Colombo, Sri Lanka via China Southern Airline Php8,500 booked via Wego.
*Again the shared sea plane rate is discounted from USD571.00 to USD25.00
If you are on a budget travel, I still highly suggest to spend a night or at least have a day tour at a private island resort. You will not feel the Maldives vibe if you only explore the mainland and the public islands. There are cheaper resorts you can spend a night like Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, Velassaru Maldives, Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa, Kurumba Maldies and a lot more.
Some resorts like Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spaallow day tours, you can check with your hotel in Male, Hulhumale or Maafushi – they usually offer package tours to private island resorts for a little over USD100.00. iCom Tours in Maafushi Island offers a day tour to Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa for USD120.00 (Php6,000.00). 
If you have a budget, I highly recommend staying at Anantara Kihavah Villas. You’ll surely have a relaxing and unforgettable holiday.

This blog post is part of our comprehensive MALDIVES TRAVEL GUIDE. This will help you explore Maldives on a budget. 


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