A travel guide on how to travel from Male Airport to Maafushi Island.

Maafushi Island is one of the most visited public islands in Maldives. The island is known for its white sand beaches and snorkeling and diving sites. It is accessible by public ferry or speedboat  from Male  or by speedboat straight from Velana International Airport  (Male Airport) or from Male City.

How to travel from Male Airport to Maafushi Island

How to go to Maafushi Island from Male Airport?

Option 1 : Going to Maafushi Island from Male via Ferry

The cheapest way to go to Maafushi Island is by taking a public ferry from Male. From the airport, you will need to take a ferry for US$1 or by a sped boat for US$2 going to Male.Travel time is 10 minutes and 5 minutes respectively.
After arriving in Male Island, you will need to take a taxi to the jetty port for the Maafushi Ferry. The taxi ride costs around MVR25 or roughly around US$2. The travel time is approximately 10 minutes. From the port, you can take the public ferry to Maafushi island. Travel time is around 90 minutes and fare is only about US$3 per person. There is no online booking available so you must go to the ferry terminal early to secure a ticket.

Ferry schedule from Male to Maafushi Island

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday : Once a day ferry service at 3pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday : Twice a day ferry service at 10am and 3pm
Friday : No Ferry trip

Ferry schedule from Maafushi Island to Male

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday : Twice a day ferry service at 7:30am and 12:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday : Once a day ferry service at 7:30am
Friday : No Ferry trip

Option 2 : Male Airport to Maafushi Island by Speedboat

The most convenient way to go to Maafushi Island is by taking a speedboat direct from Male Airport to the Maafushi Island. The travel time is only about 45 minutes and the fare is a US$25. There are multiple trips a day and you just have to ask around when you arrive at the airport. If you want to reserve a seat, you can book at www.icomtours.com. I a booked my Maafushi-Male Airport in advance because it’s a Friday and I don’t want to miss the earliest trip back to Male. As for my Male-Maafushi ticket, I just went to the airport and asked around.

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