A budget travel guide to the beaches of Maafushi Island in Maldives.

Maafushi Island has four main beaches where tourists can enjoy. These are Bikini Beach, Public Beach, Water Sports Beach and Coral Beach. Depending on where you go, proper attire must be observed. [Read: How to Go to Maafushi Island]
Maafushi Island beaches

Bikini Beach Maafushi Island

Bikini Beach is one of the most popular spots for tourists. Only here you can wear your skimpy swimsuits – swimming trunks/shorts for men and bikinis for women. Take note that it is illegal to show off your skin in other areas of the island so be careful and respectful of the local laws. 
Bikini Beach is located in the northern part of the island close to Arena Beach Hotel

Public Beach Maafushi Island

The public beach is located next to Bikini Beach. Here, you can spend swim without the crowd of tourists. Most local spend their beach time here so be mindful with the local laws. You are not allowed to wear skimpy shorts and bikinis here. 

Water Sports Beach Maafushi Island

The water sports beach is close to the jetty port. The beach here is good although it can busy at times due to numerous water activities in the area. There was a tropical storm in the Indian Ocean when I visited Maafushi so there were no water activities for tourists. 

Coral Beach Maafushi Island

Located on the southern part of the island, coral beach is the least crowd favorite among the beaches of Maafushi. As the name suggests, the beach has scattered corals instead pure sand. 

Maafushi Island Activities

There are a lot of activities in Maafushi Island like snorkeling, diving, night fishing and more. Unfortunately, there was a tropical depression during my visit so I was not able to try the island activities. [Read: Where to Stay in Maafushi Island]
When you visit Maldives on a budget, I highly suggest that you at least have a day tour in a private island if staying overnight is beyond your budget. There are picturesque private islands near Maafushi Island like Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives and Taj Exotica Resort & Spa where you can enjoy a day tour for a little over US$100. You can ask your hotel if they offer such day tour or you can go at iCom Tours office near the jetty port.

This blog post is part of our comprehensive BACKPACKING IN MALDIVES TRAVEL GUIDE. This will help you explore Maldives on a budget.

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