Where to Eat in BuDa: Restaurants Along Bukidnon-Davao Road

Our recent trip to BuDa was more of a food trip than a usual holiday. Our goal really was to satisfy our tummies with good food while enjoying the cold weather. Here are the restaurants along the Bukidnon-Davao Road that we tried:

Seagull Mountain Resort Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in BuDa is Seagull Mountain Resort Restaurant. They are known for their signature suman at sikwati ( sticky rice cake and hot chocolate). This place is ideal for breakfast if you leave Davao City proper early. It’s located in Marilog just a few kilometers away from the Davao-Bukidnon border.  (Read:Where to Stay in BuDa)

Padre Ninno’s Restaurant

If you are into pasta and pizza, then Padre Ninno’s is your place to go. It’s definitely worth your money. They use fresh ingredients so you’ll be assured of sumptuous and healthy dishes. Aside from pizza and pasta, Padre Ninno’s also offer rabbit dishes. The rabbits are grown by Padre Ninno himself. 

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Cafe Binukid

Cafe Binukid is located at Highway 81 in Brgy. Marilog. It’s situated along the highway so it’s easy to locate when you drive along the BuDa road. They offer good food and great ambiance. 

Reel Place Bulaloan

We tried Reel Place’s bulalo for brunch. It’s for P250 and the serving wasn’t huge. The taste is just okay and the meat wasn’t tender so we didn’t enjoy it much. We also tried their bihon because there were not many choices on their menu. Very limited food offering. The best part of this resto is the view.

Wild Berry Garden & Diner

Wild Berry is located at the Bukidnon-Davao Road just fee walks away from the quarantine area. We already had our brunch at Reel Place so we just tried their Shotgun Willie Chili (Chili Con Carne) and strawberry and passion fruit shake. They were all good.

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