TALAKUDONG FESTIVAL 2017 : Schedule of Events and Activities

Talakudong Festival may not be as popular as the other festivals in the Philippines but it surely has its own charm. What makes it distinct from the other festivals is the use of kudong or headgear in addition to the colorful and vibrant costumes. Participants carry painted and decorated kudong while they perform in the streetdancing and field demonstration competition.

Talakudong Festival is Tacurong City’s annual event held held every 18th of September. Talakudong is derived from an Ilonggo word “kudong” which means head covering. The week long festival features a float parade and agro-industrial fair showcasing Tacurong’s best agricultural and industrial products.

Talakudong Festival 2017 Schedule of Events and Activities:

September 18, 2017Street dancing competition

Detailed schedule will be posted soon. Please bookmark this post to get an updated list of events once it is announced.

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