Philippines, South Africa, Quebec, Which Tourism Ad is Better?

Hours after the release of the new Department of Tourism ad, SIGHTS, netizens started to react about its resemblance to the South African tourism ad which was released in 2014. A lot of people liked the ad only to find out that the concept is not new and was already used in another tourism ad in a different country. Is it just a coincidence or a copycat? We have yet to wait for the official statement from DOT and the Ad agency who made it. (Read: Tourism Slogan of Every Country in the World)

Meanwhile, a similar tourism ad featuring a blind man released in Quebec last year was also accused of copying the concept but the ad agency has denied it saying that there was a major difference significant enough to push their tourism ad campaign.

So, regardless of the similar concept, which one do you think is better and more heartwarming? Please let us know in the comment below. 

DOT Assistant Secretary Frederick Alegre defends “Experience the Philippines” ad.
McCann Philippines Denies Claims It Plagiarized a 2014 South African Ad in Its New Tourism Campaign
Apparently, McCann is also the ad agency of South Africa according to this press release.

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