DIY Tour : Malalison and Tibiao Itinerary and Expenses

Shirley Obguia, our young adventurer from Davao City shares her travel experience and itinerary from their recent adventure in Antique. She and her friends visited Malalison Island and Tibiao.

Malalison or Mararison is an island beach destination in the town of Culasi, Antique, just about two hours away from the famous Boracay Island.Tibiao on the other hand is a municipality in Antique where travelers and enjoy and experience the popular kawa bath.

Sheng and her friends adventure started in Caticlan Port. Here’s their detailed itinerary and expenses:

Malalison Island (2 days/1 night)
  • Going to Culasi 80php (SP)
  • Tricycle ride 10php/head going to Culasi port
  • Boat to Malalison Island 10-15mins 150/head
Malalison Island
  • Angelita’s homestay-250/head
  • Live with the local villagers. You may cook your own food without extra fee. Electricity is only available from 6PM to 10PM. Bring powerbank for your gadgets.
  • Malalison Mountain tour guide 200php/group of 4-5 persons -approximately 20-30mins depending on your pace. 
  • Seafood are abundant and inexpensive, you can buy fresh catch and have it cooked in your homestay.

Tibiao, Antique(3days/2night)
  • Chartered tricycle from Culasi Port to Antique – P50/head
  • Habal-habal to Tibiao 70php
  • Kayak inn for 350/night. Check availability and book now.
  • Kawa bath @ 250/head,but we managed to haggle and pay P150 on the second day.
  • Food is relatively cheap, we only paid around P150-180 good for the three of us.
  • Our Tibiao experience was the most relaxing trip, ever. There was no network coverage so we’re able to disconnect from the technology-driven world. All we did was talk to each other and capture photos from our cameras.

Overall, Sheng and her friends experience in Antique was one of their best travel experiences. They were able to enjoy nature and adventure in the province.

About the traveler: Shirley Obguia or Sheng is a 3rd year medical student in Davao City. She loves traveling solo around the Philippines i search for a great beach escape. You may follow her adventure on facebook:
***All photos used in this article are owned by Sheng.

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