Where to Stay in Zamboanga del Sur : Vine Molave

When we’re on a trip, the first thing that we always want to know is where to stay. Is there a hotel or lodge where we can comfortably settle throughout our tour? Somewhere we can both enjoy good food and service. Good thing, there’s this ideal place in Zamboanga del Sur called Vine Molave. It’s a cool place with lots of natural scenes to capture. (Read: Colors of Zamboanga)

Vine Molave is an affordable place to stay for local and foreign tourists as well as those who have special events to celebrate like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. They offer the best coffee, luscious food, and sweets at the Vine Café. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to see some locally known performers and DJs for your ultimate nightly entertainment at the Vine Bar. In other words, Vine Molave gives you everything you need while staying in this family-owned lodge in a small town of Molave, Zamboanga del Sur.

The rustic, elegant lodge is now becoming the top homestay for people in the area. This ancestral home owned by the Geraldizos was turned into Vine Molave out of their passion of offering great place to locals and international visitors – Filipino hospitality, to exactly describe it. So, the family worked hard to transform their place into something that guests will love. The classic interior, furniture, and amenities are only some of the highlights at Vine Molave.

Back in 1950s, the property has already been grabbing attention from the locals. Now, Gary Dujali, youngest son of the family’s matriarch, Eulalia Dujali, architected the entire building. He made it more captivating that even foreign visitors will be stunned after seeing the place. Gary described Vine Molave as “organic to a valley”. They didn’t want something too modern so it still matches the general atmosphere of the town. In fact, he wanted it to represent a “strong spirit to thrive, grow, and stand out”.

Recently opened, Vine Molave offers a spacious location where guests can enjoy resto+bar, café, and cozy rooms with breakfast service. Once you get inside the lodge, you’ll be welcomed by the Mindanaoan warmth type of hospitality. It’s like living in the province with a bit of contemporary B&B setting. But the natural ambiance is maintained especially when you take a trip outside the lodge.

There are 11 rooms at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. Each room has its own character and style so guests can choose which one suits their taste and needs. The best part of a Vine Molave stay is the full bed & breakfast amenities including a mini Jacuzzi pool that is exclusive for guests. For only 1,888 pesos (introductory rate), you can enjoy all these offers with free breakfast for you and your loved one. The Geraldizos made sure that Vine Molave is not only good to look at, but is also great to experience. The friendly staff and owners help guests with everything they need, from the first day to their last day of stay. So, welcome to Vine Molave! Where great experience awaits you.

For full information on contact details and how to get to Vine Molave, please visit www.vinemolave.com.

***Photo credit to Jojie Alcantara

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