Where to Eat in Bali : Must-Try Restaurants in Bali

Bali is not just about beaches and temples. It’s also about food! A food trip is something a traveler should try while in Bali. Here’s some of the must-try restaurants in Bali that we tried. (Read: Beach Bumming in Nusa Dua)

Finding a good restaurant to eat in Bali is relatively easy. There are literally hundreds of restaurants in this popular tourist destination in Asia. From local Balinese cuisines, to European, American, and Mediterranean, Bali has something to offer to satisfy your gastronomic cravings.


Livingstone Cafe & Bakery
If you are looking for a cozy place to eat in Seminyak area where East meets West, then we highly recommend Livingstone Cafe & Bakery. They offer local food like Nasi Goreng, pastries such as croissants and cakes, healthy juices and a whole lot more. Food is good and the ambiance is perfect to relax and chill. We had our breakfast here when we’re in Bali and we liked the food and the minimalist feel of the restaurant.


Sawah Indah Resto
Sawah Indah Resto is a relaxing place to dine in the middle of the rice fields. The location is quite far from the town center and going there was a bit challenging since the road is a bit narrow. Food is good and reasonably priced but the serving is quite small. Overall, something that you should try in Ubud especially if you are looking for a traditional Balinese cuisine.

La Sicilia Bali
La Sicilia offers traditional and authentic Italian fare and intimate dining ambiance right at the heart of Seminyak. Food is really good and reasonably priced. The staff were friendly and were always there to assist the customers. Highly recommended to try in Seminyak’s Eat Street!

New Moon Cafe in Jimbaran
New Moon Cafe is worth a try but not highly recommended as the food served to us was cold and not really tasty. Good thing we were hungry so we ate the food, otherwise it would have been wasted. We were taken to this restaurant by our driver so we don’t have much idea about the food. We ordered a seafood set meal for IDR1,200,000 (IDR1,452,000 inlcuding tax) which is roughly around US$100. The set meal included a simple soup, 400g of grilled fish, 300g of grilled lobster, 6pcs of grilled prawns, 1 pc. of small grilled crab, 6 pcs of grilled clams and 6 sticks of calamari. It was served with rice, sauteed vegetable and sliced fruit. The serving was rather small for the price. So, if you ask me, skip this place and find some other restaurants in Jimbaran area. The only good thing about this resto is the location, you’ll be dining at the beachfront with good music and performances from local talents.

Chilling and People Watching

Char Char Bar & Grill
Char Char Bar & Grill is probably the best place in Bali to do people watching situated in Seminyak’s Eat Street. Their bar area is placed practically on stairs, with small tables facing the narrow road. Definitely worth a try!

Do you have other recommendations? Please let us know in the comment below. Thanks!

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