List of Philippine Festivals in May

Philippines has hundreds of festivals and most towns have their own celebrations in addition to the popular festivals we are familiar with. Lasting anywhere between a day to an entire month, Philippine Festivals are mostly religious and cultural celebrations that attract thousands of local and foreign tourists because of its fun and colorful vibe.

List of  Philippine Festivals in May

Pahiyas Festival
Where: Lucban, Quezon Province
When: May 15
What is it all about?
Pahiyas Festival is the Philippines’ most colorful harvest celebration happening annually on May 15. During this one day event, houses are decorated with colorful and vibrant ornaments to honor San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers.

Magayon Festival
Where: Albay
When: May 1-30
What is it all about?
Magayon Festival is an annual celebration in Albay to honor the province’s beauty and bounty. Magayon is a Bikol term which literally means beautiful. It is a celebration of the Albayano’s way of life and a thanksgiving for the abundance of the land’s plentiful harvest through various activities such as agricultural products display and trade fairs, cooking shows, cultural events, street parades, photo/arts exhibits, sports events, and many more.
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Did we miss something out? Do you know of any major Festivals in the Philippines not included in the list celebrated in May? Please let us know in the comment below. If you are from the local tourism office and you would like your Festival included in this list, please email me with the name of the festival and short description. Thank you!

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