List of Philippine Festivals in December

The Philippines has hundreds of festivals and most towns have their own celebrations in addition to the popular festivals we are familiar with. Lasting anywhere between a day to an entire month, Philippine Festivals are mostly religious and cultural celebrations that attract thousands of local and foreign tourists because of its fun and colorful vibe.   

List of Philippine Festivals in December
List of Philippine Festivals in December

List of Festivals in the Philippines in December

San Fernando Giant Lantern Festival

Where: San Fernando, Pampanga

When: 2nd/3rd week of December  

What is it all about? San Fernando Giant Lantern Festival is one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines. It is an annual event held in San Fernando, Pampanga. Spectators will be delighted with giant lanterns in multicolored designs and patterns.

Kasadyaan Festival – Dumaguete

Where: Dumaguete City

When: 3rd week of December  

What is it all about? Kasadyaan Festival – Dumaguete is the longest established festival in Negros Oriental. It is held annually in the 3rd week of December. The festival features beauty pageant, field presentation, and Kasadyaan mardi gras.

Shariff Kabunsuan Festival

Where: Cotabato City

When: December 15-19  

What is it all about? Shariff Kabunsuan Festival is a grand festival in Cotabato City commemorating the arrival of Shariff Kabunsuan, an Arab Malay missionary from Johore, Malay Peninsula to bring Islam in Mainland Mindanao.

Christmas Symbols Festival

Where: Tangub City

When: December to early January

What is it all about? Christmas Symbols Festival is an annual display of different indigenous Christmas symbols; a most spectacular display of Christmas lights and decors with different themes every year.

Did we miss something out? Do you know of any major Festivals in the Philippines not included in the list celebrated in January? Please let us know in the comment below. If you are from the local tourism office and you would like your Festival included in this list, please email me with the name of the festival and short description. Thank you!

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