Let Go And Travel: Moving On From A Heartbreak

Moving on from heartbreak is so easy, said no one ever. Whether it’s a breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend or loss of someone special, it’s never easy to get over a broken heart. Dealing with pain truly sucks. Worse, you still see the person who’s breaking your heart into million pieces but he/she doesn’t care even if you feel like dying. So how should you go about moving on to save your life, your job, and your relationship with your family – the ones who truly care? (Read: Where do broken hearts go in PH)

Travel to Mend Your Broken Heart
A popular song asks, “Where do broken hearts go?” It’s probably the question that is also bugging your mind right now. But what you should ask yourself is, “why travel?” Traveling gives you time and distance, makes you more independent, helps you discover who you really are, gives you new memories and friendships, makes you forget everything that hurts you, and most importantly, it could give you a new inspiration to live more. But what activities can you do when you travel, so you can let go of all the heartaches and pains inside of you?

v  Mountain Climbing
If you’re the type of person who loves taking risks, just like having your heart broken even many times, then climb a mountain. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional mountain climber. All you need is find the best place to climb a mountain and bring all essentials. As you go reach the top, your mind will realize that it’s harder to climb than to get your heart broken. Yes that’s right. That’s the right mindset you need to learn while reaching the mountaintop. You can try Mt. Pulag up north or Mt. Apo down south.

v  Zip Lining
For those who want to release what’s consuming them inside, zip lining can help. This elating activity will surely shift your focus from negativity to complete excitement. Outdoor activities like this also help you overcome recurring heartache. You will literally forget about your broken heart once the zip line lifts you up. Hence, you will boost your confidence and sense of accomplishment with zip lining. Try the zipline in Lake Sebu, you’ll get a stunning view of the seven falls.

v  Water Sports
Do you love the water? Water sports such as diving, stand-up paddle boarding, skim boarding, surfing, and swimming can definitely help you cope with your negative emotions. The water activities are proven to excite the heart so you’ll feel the adrenaline rush. Once you get stoked, all your worries will automatically go away leaving you more focused on positivity. This is also helpful if you want to divert your mind from thinking negative thoughts. Try diving in the clear waters of Davao in Mindanao or in Apo Island in Visayas or Anilao, Batangas in Luzon. (Read: 13 Gorgeous Beaches in Samal)

v  Nature Tripping
Go somewhere quiet and beautiful. Nothing can fulfill your heart except the beauty of nature and what it can offer you. Just look around you and breathe in the positive energy. This is a perfect way to recharge your faith in life. That no matter what challenge comes your way, you can overcome it with a strong soul. Lot’s of places to be one with nature, Sagada and Kalinga are our top picks. (Read: 10 Things to do in Bohol)

There are lots of things you can do while mending your broken heart. And these are only some of the best ways to let go and move on from intense heartbreak. Travel and get one step closer to letting go. Turn your broken heart into a brave heart by exploring new things and places today.

What other activities can you think of? Let us know in the comment below.

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