3 Easy Ways to Go to Chiang Mai from Bangkok

Located in mountainous northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a city with infinite charm. Gorgeous ancient wats and chedis – some of them dating back to the XIII century – dot the city. The city is laid-back and blissfully calm. It’s a perfect place to relax after experience the busy city of Bangkok. There are lots of things to do and places to visit in Chiang Mai – Museums, temples, shopping malls, nightlife, and more. (Read: Arnoma Grand Bangkok: Your Tourist Haven in the Heart of Bangkok)
You will definitely have fun in Chiang Mai, that is for sure.
Getting to Chiang Mai from Bangkok
Overland travel to Chiang Mai from Bangkok is quite easy and convenient. There are a number of buses that link the northern capital with major provincial centers of the country. From Bangkok, Route #1 Bangkok–Chiang Rai brings you as far as Lampang, where you switch to Route 11 Lampang–Chiang Mai, which goes all the way to your destination. The northern line of state railway of Thailand is a 751km long stretch from Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Depending on the means of transport you choose, the whole journey lasts anywhere between 9 and 14 hours.

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Getting to Chiang Mai from Bangkok by Bus
Taking a bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is easy, inexpensive and comfortable. Chiang Mai bound buses depart Northern and Northeastern Bus Terminal (Mochit). There’s a lot of bus companies that operate this route like Bangkok Bus Line. Bus leaves throughout the day but night buses are more popular and more frequent. It mostly departs after 8PM arriving early in the morning the next day. If you are planning to go to Chiang Mai during the peak season (Songkran in April or Khao/Ok Phansa in July/October etc.), make sure you book in advance. Check rates and book your bus ticket now!
Prices vary depending on the bus type. If you can afford paying some extra baht, opt for VIP coaches with 24 seats (from 800 THB) which has enough space both for your legs and elbows. If money is an issue, the cheapest buses from Bangkok (from 500 THB) are comfortable enough to sleep during the whole trip.
Getting to Chiang Mai from Bangkok by train
Travelling by train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, or in reverse, is a popular affordable means of getting between the two cities. Slightly more expensive than the bus, and taking longer, the train is a much more comfortable means of travel, especially if you take an overnight sleeper. Travel time is around 12 hours. Fare varies depending on the class and compartment you’re in. It can go as low as 650 Baht for a second class fan seat up to 2,000 Baht for a first class single sleeper. Check rates and book your train ticket now!
Getting to Chiang Mai from Bangkok by plane
With several low cost airlines selling tickets from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for as low as THB1000 and bringing you to your destination in about 1.5 hours, you may want to consider flying between the two cities instead of spending the whole night on the move traveling overland. Check rates and book a flight to Vhiang Mai now!
Where to stay in Thailand?
Recommended hotels to stay in Bangkok. Please click the name of the hotel below to check the rates and availability.
  1. Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok Hotel
  2. Mercure Bangkok Siam Hotel
  3. Thong Ta Resort
  4. Narai Hotel
  5. Arnoma Grand Bangkok – Highly recommended!
Recommended hotels to stay in Chiang Mai. Please click the name of the hotel below to check the rates and availability.
  1. Duangtawan Hotel
  2. Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel
  3. B2 Premier Hotel & Resort
  4. Dusit Princess Chiang Mai Hotel
  5. Eurana Boutique Hotel

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