Top 10 Beaches Near Metro Manila

Are you wanting to get away from the urban lifestyle? From all the noise in traffic to the rush hour commute in our transport system, working in the city puts a drain in you and often times you want to have a break. Since we are all very busy and we can’t always leave for so long or don’t have enough money for going to distant lands, why not opt for beaching near Metro Manila, it’s a perfect getaway and will not cost you much! [Check out our list of top beach resorts in Batangas]

Pagbilao Chica Island, Quezon

Quezon houses many beaches and one of its popular tourist destinations is the Borawan beach known for its white sands. If you fancy the rock formations you hear about in Palawan then you will find one similar in Borawan beach!

Mauban, Quezon

Another island hailing from Quezon, Cagbalete island is also home to white sandy beaches and is well-suited for travelers on a budget! You won’t have to worry about finding a resort since there is an increasing number of visitors, but its recommended to bring your own tent so as to experience the surrounding ocean.

Potipot Island, Zambales

This beach is more favored for the minimalist, all around you are surrounded by lush greens, captivating crystal clear water and its own white sands paving the border between land and sea. Perfect place to clear your mind and perform meditation. 

Masasa Beach, Batangas

Maybe you want somewhere else that is not crowded, and if so, Masasa beach has got you covered. A contrast to the crowded and busy life in the city, the beach offers clear waters and rock formations alongside the beach.

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera is no stranger as its hailed as one of the most popular go-to beaches when all you want is to just up and leave the city. Give your skin a tan, or dive into the majestic views of Puerto Galera’s rich and beautiful marine life known for its biodiversity.

Anilao, Batangas

Not all of the marine life is located in Puerto Galera, as Anilao easily has the tourist favorite diving spot in Luzon because of its short drive from Manila. Diving into the waters of Anilao will offer you a breath-taking view of the wonders of varying degrees of ocean life. If you prefer to stay out of the water, you may choose to kiss your skin with sun-bathing or have a photo-op instead!

Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

The name says it all, and as such, the pride of Hundred islands is its each and distinct islands you can go island-hopping to and experience the different marine life living in each one as well as the cool sea you can swim into. Popular islands include Kissing Island, Devil’s Island, Governor’s Island.

Burgos, Pangasinan

Cabongaoan beach is another beach that bears its unspoilt beauty that retains its white sandy beach, and its calm and gentle waters will ease your mind with its embrace.

Dipaculao, Aurora

When you hear Aurora, you may think of Baler, but what you didn’t know is that it has its own opposite! Hidden in Aurora is a paradise called Diadiawan beach, a quiet, soothing, and calm beach unlike Baler, where you can chill with your friends and just appreciate nature.

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Subic, Zambales

It may not be a Boracay, but Halfmoon beach is near, cheap and offers a good enough experience for everyone who just wants to visit a beach nearby! A generally good beach for people who don’t want anything luxurious.

So there you have it, the top beaches near Metro Manila you can visit, maybe next time you will try the other beaches listed above too! 

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