Matnog to Allen: 2019 Ferry Schedule and Fare Rates

Schedule of ferry trips from Matnog to Allen and Allen to Matnog. Last updated on March 2, 2019.

Traveling from Luzon to Visayas by land is made easy by the Roll-on Roll-off stations in Matnog, Sorsogon and Allen, Northern Samar. The operations of these ports are 24/7 so you can cross any time except when there are weather disturbances like a typhoon. All operations are suspended when PAGASA declares a typhoon signal. Don’t forget to check out our list of top tourist spots in Northern Samar.

There are several ports in Allen that you can choose from to depart or arrive. Depending on the ferry that you are taking you may arrive/depart in Hubasan, Dapdap, and Looc. Travel time from Matnog to Allen and vice-versa is approximately two hours. Sometimes, ports in Allen can really get crowded so another option is to depart from San Isidro via FastCat. Here’s the Ferry Schedule of trips from San Isidro to Matnog and Vice-Versa.

Schedule of Ferry Trips from Matnog to Allen / Allen to Matnog via Starlite Ferries.

The fare is P120 in the economy/tourist class and P170 in the business class. For Booking and Inquiries: Matnog & Allen: 09178075608 Allen: 09666983941.

Ferry schedule from Matnog to Allen: 2:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 2:30 PM, and 8:30 PM

Ferry / boat schedule from Allen to Matnog: 5:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 5:30 PM, and 11:30 PM


Regular – ₱120.00
Student – ₱96.00
Senior – ₱86.00
Child (4-11) – ₱60.00
Infant (0-3) ₱25
TOURIST CLASS *only available for new vessels
Regular – ₱120.00
Student – ₱96.00
Senior – ₱86.00
Child (4-11) – ₱60.00
 Infant (0-3) ₱25       

BUSINESS CLASS *only available for new vessels
Regular – ₱170.00
Student – ₱136.00
Senior – ₱121.00
Child (4-11) – ₱85.00
Infant (0-3) ₱25 


Motorcycle – 400
Below 3 m – 660.00
3 to 3.9 m – 890.00
4 to 4.9 m – 1,120.00
5 to 5.9 m – 1, 200.00
6 to 6.9 m – 1,320.00
7 to 7.9 m – 1,520.00
8 to 8.9 m – 1,600.00
9 to 9.9 m – 1,780.00
10 to 10.9 m – 1,900.00
11 to 11.9 m – 2,140.00
12 to 12.9 m – 2,320.00

13 to 13.9 m – 2,500.00
14 to 14.9 m – 3,040.00

Container Van

20 ftr – 6,000.00
40 ftr – 12,000.00

Heavy Equipment

Small – 10,000.00
Medium – 15,000.00
Large – 18,000.00

Santa Clara Shipping
Santa Clara operates 24 hours from Matnog to Allen. Their ferry schedule is every 2-3 hours. They have a morning trip departing Matnog at 6AM and arrives in Allen at 8AM. As mentioned earlier, frequency is about 2-3 hours. Passenger Fare is P120 for adults.
Montenegro Shipping Lines
Montenegro Shipping Lines also operates 24 hours but their schedule varies from time to time. Normally, the morning trips are more reliable than the afternoon trips, according to their hotline. They have trips from Matnog at 2AM, 6AM, and 10AM. Other schedules vary. Passenger fare is P120.
There are other ferries that cross between Matnog and Allen like Star Ferry and 2Go, will update about their schedule as soon as I have them.
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Have you been to these ports lately and saw some changes in the fare and schedule? Please let us know by commenting below. Thanks.

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  1. How much is the freight cost for a pick-up truck

    matnog to allen?

    1. Hello Ariel, unfortunately we do not have that info. Please contact the shipping company directly.

    2. The post is updated with vehicle fare rates for your reference. Thanks!

  2. bawal ba ang lowered na kotse

  3. hi .
    bago lang ako mag land strip ..

    ano ba kailan para maka sakay sa roro po ?

    magkano po ba ang bayad s person at sa motor ?

  4. Magkanu fare nka kotse matnog to allen 3 tao

    1. The post is updated with vehicle fare rates for your reference. Thanks!

  5. Need asap para mlaman ko mas maganda mg suv or mg bus n lng kme puntang smar

    1. Wala po kaming information with regards to the cost of bringing a car. Please check with the shipping company. Thanks.

  6. Hi. Mag kano po fare ng SUV matnog to allen?
    Then, may bayad pa din ba sa ferry ang passengers ng SUV?

    1. We do not have the vehicle cost. Please contact the shipping company. Normally, the driver will be free but you have to pay for the passengers.

    2. The post is updated with vehicle fare rates for your reference. Thanks!

  7. Good day. Ano po ba requirements pag my dalang suv? Nawala po ksi ung coppy n cr ko.. S binilhang kong van.. Ang hawak ko lng affidavit of lost ng cr.. At deed of sale .

    1. Hello, please contact the shipping company directly to be sure po.

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