Top 10 Things to Do in Davao City

Many people know the country of the Philippines for many things. Both locals and foreigners alike would have a thing or two of knowing the place many people visit on a yearly basis. There is just something about the place that is worth remembering. 

Of all the beautiful places in the country, however, there is one so renowned you would easily remember it through one of the country’s national symbol—the Philippine Eagle—that is, Davao, for it is the place to which the national bird is partly endemic. (Read: Davao City Travel Guide)

But Davao, in general, is more than just about sightseeing the legendary bird as it, too, is a hub for many things that are worth the visit whether within the bounds of the city itself or elsewhere close to it.

Sightsee the Davao Crocodile Park
Freshwater or saltwater crocodiles are not normally found in the city, but within one of Davao City’s confined space are a variety of wild animals—including the two types of crocodiles in their own separate spaces—where their species are preserved for people to see in their artificial habitat.

Chill at Eden Mountain Resort
While Davao City is by regard a coastal city due to its relative distance to the area’s seawaters, the city can be easily thought of for its resorts by the sea. Going to the contrary is the Eden Mountain Resort whose location is set atop a mountain—notwithstanding, an ideal place of relaxation many feet above seawater level.

Understand a Part of the Culture Through the People’s Park
What better way to demonstrate a certain locale’s culture than through man-made craft depicting the significant figures in the area like the tribal people as illustrated in their most natural way of living? Having to visit the People’s Park is to see just that.

Trekking Mt. Apo
There are a few ways you can access Mt. Apo from anywhere in Mindanao, but going through the Davao City route is the most common, especially for travelers.

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Get into Extreme Sports at DECA Wakeboard Park
Wakeboarding may not be a sport unique only to Davao, but if you are into extreme sport nonetheless and you are local, experiencing it first-hand is best done at the DECA Wakeboard Park.

Find Thrill at Zip City and Outland Adventure Xcelerator
Zip lining has always been proven to be an adrenaline-packed means of leisure. Set at the perfect height while employing high-standard mechanism, you are sure to enjoy a safe and fun experience of zip lining in Davao City.

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Wallow at the Waters of D’leonor Inland Resort and Wavepool
Tired of Davao’s seawaters and wanted to try something new yet strikingly familiar as well? Chances are good that you would be in one of Davao City’s resort that is the D’leonor Inland Resort and Wavepool.

Experience the Roxas Night Market
If you want to experience Davao’s street food and night bazaar, head to Roxas Night Market and you’ll enjoy a wide array of food that will surely satisfy your tummy. Try Mang Danny’s ice cream, the most popular ice cream in the city.

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Visit Philippine Eagle Nature Center
Want to get a good glimpse of the national bird without putting everything to just chance? Why not visit the place to which the birds thrive and see them in their natural habitat by going to the Philippine Eagle Nature Center?

Hop into IGACOS
The Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) may not be technically a region that is scope to Davao City but given the relative distance between the two, getting from one to the other is made simple by just any boat. For a yet another tourist destination that is IGACOS, then why not?

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Where to stay in Davao? 

Recommended Hotels in Davao City. Please click the name of the hotel below to know the rates and availability.
  1. Marco Polo Davao
  2. Seda Abreeza Hotel
  3. Park Inn by Radisson Davao
  4. Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
  5. Apo View Hotel
Recommended budget accommodation in Davao City. Please click the name of the hotel / hostel / Dormitel / Inn below to know the rates and availability.

  1. Homitori Dormitel
  2. North Zen Hotel
  3. GV Hotel Davao
  4. The Royal House Travel Inn & Suites
  5. Hotel Uno
  6. Bahay ni Tuding Inn & Resto
  7. My Hotel Davao
  8. Green Windows Dormitel
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