Nestled at the heart of the northeastern part of the busy coastal city of Sarawak, Meritz Hotel in Miri is an ideal place of stay for active travelers who go from one place to another, involving both leisure and shopping. Neighbored by the Bintang Megamall, going shopping from outside of the hotel’s premises is as easy as a few steps away of walking on foot—some say a short 2 minutes’ walk.

With a 24-hour service, inclusive of free parking for walk-in guests, the staff at Meritz Hotel is active to accommodate anyone 24/7—for one situated in the thriving and bustling region of Miri, the business can be commonly busy.

If you are a traveler who booked into the hotel coming from a long distance of travel and do not have the energy to go to the nearby mall for some fine dining, Meritz Hotel has its own restaurant in its premise—the Grand Old Lady restaurant—that can serve you many international cuisine befitting many different palates. Outdoor dining while still technically within the hotel’s premises are also possible if you are to dine at the Sky Garden.

Apart from the mall, there are also many other notable places you can visit within few minutes from the hotel—going to Canada Hill, it takes around 5 minutes by taxi; while getting to the Tanjung Lobang Beach is just 10 minutes of walk. If you are a traveler who needs to be onboard a plane, the Miri Airport is just 20 minutes’ away from the hotel.

Common amenities in each of the rooms of the hotel include air-conditioner, a flat-screen TV, a personal safe, and a facility where you can make your own tea or coffee.

The hotel has different accommodation type depending on your budget. They have atrium every after three floors where you can accept your visitors if you don’t want them in your room.

For guests who wanted a place of relaxation and leisure, the hotel also offers free swimming in its outdoor pools as well as a gym to keep one’s fitness with.

If you are in need of laundry and some ironing, these services are also available should you require them. As for any transactions involving luggage storage, it must be conducted at the front desk as per company policy.

The Meritz Hotel in Miri—with its 200 unique rooms—is an above-average hotel that has been in service to its clients since only May 14, 2012. 

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