Where to Stay in Kuching : The LimeTree Hotel

Strategically situated at the busy city center of Kuching and just a few walks away to the nearby Padungan area, there lies a hotel made easily renowned for its name—the LimeTree Hotel, a tribute to the original owner’s passion for limes which are oftentimes dubbed as “green lemons” for the similarity in their taste despite the obvious difference in outward appearances.   

What exactly is the LimeTree Hotel?
As a business of several years in service since having started operation in 2009, the LimeTree Hotel is not outdated when it comes to architectural design for a business of its kind—it is as contemporary as it gets for its time. Yet, for one whose idea of naming was founded in the love of limes, the design, too, is said to be based on the vibes that come from the actually grown plant—the feeling of zest from the trees of limes. Check room rates and availability.

Complimentary fresh lime juice at the rooftop bar

Years prior to 2009, however, the building that is now the LimeTree Hotel was once an office building until its acquisition in 2007.
With a building spanning 50 unique rooms and suites, each of which equipped with the modern-day amenities that keep us comfortable like a free Wi-Fi internet access, LCD TVs, soft beddings, and the like, you get everything you would need in a mid-range boutique hotel as this place.

Superior Twin (No Window)
Deluxe King
Executive Deluxe Twin
Executive Suite 
Family Suite

Trying to set itself apart from the common cookie-cutter approach of many cafes in various hotel, LimeTree Hotel’s Café Sublime and LimeLight Rooftop Lounge feature drinks and foods based on lime-inspired recipes in line with Sarawak delights. The inclusion of limes in those foods and drinks made an obvious difference.
What are there to like with LimeTree Hotel?
As an awardee of the TripAdvisor awards for three consecutive years since 2012, any person will be intrigued enough to know what’s in the place.

For a hotel known to have been established based on the concept inspired on limes, the LimeTree Hotel is unsurprisingly eco-friendly in its approach to business—the green ways. From the choice of opting for more environment-friendly contraption, to energy-efficient means of saving and reusing energy, use of lime’s pulp and peeling for cleaning, as well as the policies—such as the no smoking policy—that made the indoors of the hotel as health-friendly as possible, LimeTree Hotel truly promotes a green environment for its guests to enjoy a healthful stay at the place.
If you are a professional who is always on-the-go and could not afford to stay at home, choosing to stay at the LimeTree Hotel would be just as good as home for the hotel’s almost home-like features like having paid laundry and cleaning as well as ironing which you can manually do yourself upon request.
Flying for outside the country is not a problem either, thanks to the hotel’s airport transfer service which lets you move to the airport using the business unit’s own van upon reservation.

Goodies from the hotel’s in-house souvenir shop

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