How to become a professional travel blogger?

The life of a travel blogger seems ideal. You get paid to travel around the world and write about your experiences. However, if you are an aspiring professional travel blogger, you need to understand that the lifestyle has its share of challenges.

Professional travel bloggers earn a living exclusively from their blogs. You have to have certain skills in order to make this work for you. It’s a big decision and you’ll have to learn on the job because this career isn’t taught in schools. You have to learn how to travel to different locations, how to get the best travel and accommodation deals as well as how to budget for your trips to avoid running out of cash.
The good news is, you can start small and gradually build your blog and skills to become a full-time professional blogger. Here are some tips on how to go about it:

  • Have a passion for traveling.
You need to be passionate about traveling to become a successful travel blogger. You have to be curious about new places and different cultures. Additionally, you should know how to live out of a suitcase and embrace the uncertainty that traveling brings with it.

  • Have a way with words.
You need excellent writing skills to be a travel blogger. You should know how to tell your stories in a flowing narrative that keeps your audience entertained and informed. You need a keen eye for detail and the ability to turn an otherwise ordinary location into one filled with adventure.

  • Work on your blogging prowess.
The next thing to do is to combine the two previous tips and come up with useful content for your blog. Build a loyal readership by providing a steady stream of travel tips, accommodation reviews and food recommendations. In addition to narrating your adventures, advise your audience on what to see and do in any new place you visit. Keep things interesting by seeking out novel places off the beaten track and peppering your blog posts with beautiful photos and videos.

  • Polish your marketing skills.
If you want to make a living from your travel blog, you need to market it. Major media outlets can be a vital source of income so don’t be afraid to sell yourself to newspapers, magazines or online publications. Make sure you always have a portfolio of your best work ready to send out. These days online printing companies have websites to help you to quickly and easily design your portfolio. You can upload your design of choice on these sites and even purchase a presentation folder to carry all your business cards and samples in. This way, you can stay organized during your trips.

  • Harness the power of social media.
Social media is a valuable asset for any blogger. You can market your blog, build an audience and network on various social media channels. Remember to engage with your followers and fans and regularly update them on what you’ve been up to. This makes you look approachable and credible.

Life as a professional travel blogger might be full of challenges but it is highly rewarding. If you work hard at it, you are very likely to achieve success.

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