Homeless in Singapore: How Expedia Ruined My Vacation

I booked a bed in a hostel in Singapore as I will only be staying in the country for less than 12 hours so it’s most practical to book for a bed than a hotel room which is expensive in Singapore. My flight from Davao arrived in Singapore at past 9PM and I arrived at Gusti Bed and Breakfast around 10PM. I was already tired and hungry so all I wanted was to settle my things in the room and go out to have my late dinner.

The guy at the counter looked confused, so I ask what’s going on since I already waited at the reception for over 10 minutes. He said there was an issue as he can’t find my booking. He called his colleague and they scan every logbook they have to look for my booking. I waited patiently for about an hour then I asked if what’s really going on and the guy at the counter told me that they are fully booked and they were not informed by Expedia of my booking. I was furious but I kept my cool. The guy at the counter talked to the owner and he passed the phone to me.

The owner explained that there was a glitched in the system and they have not received my booking. I told her I have a copy of the confirmed booking which I showed to the guy at the counter earlier. She offered me to sleep in the couch at the reception area or transfer to another hostel. I was like, what? Are you serious but then again, I was tired and did not argue. I told her I’d rather stay a night at another hostel so the guy at the counter accompanied me to the new hostel. It wasn’t that near but it was a walking distance. It wasn’t fair because I booked at Gusti because of its proximity to the MRT and it has good review. Then I was billeted at another hostel a little bit far from the MRT and looks dirty and old. I didn’t have much of a choice so I stayed. I was supposed to leave at 9am but decided to leave at 7am because it wasn’t really a good experience.

While at Gusti, I emailed and tweeted Expedia hoping that they will respond but they did not. Nothing. I know it was not a huge amount but it was much of an inconvenience. They should at least confirm the booking with the hostel/hotel to be sure.

I had a second thought and gave them a benefit of the doubt because maybe my booking was overlooked by the hostel but when I arrived in Hotel Sentral in KL, I was shocked that they can’t find my booking as well. Good thing they are not fully booked so when I showed the confirmed booking via email, they allowed me to check in. So there you go, book with Expedia at your own risk. Never again!

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