How To Go To Johor Bahru From Singapore

Planning a short cross country getaway when in Singapore? Johor Bahru (JB) is the easiest place to visit when it comes to crossing border from Singapore. Not to mention, it is home to the famous Legoland Malaysia Resort.

Larkin Bus Station
The cheapest way to go to Johor Bahru from Singapore is by bus. Most people would commence their trip at Queens Street, Bugis. Here are the options you can take and some considerations when crossing the border from Singapore to JB. Check rates and book a bus to Johor.

There are three bus companies that operate in Queens Street Terminal going to JB: Causeway Link, SBS Transit 170 and Singapore-Johor Express. You may also book with Easybook for your convenience.

SBS Transit 170
Fare: SGD1.93 (With EZ-Link card); SGD2.50 (Cash)
Estimated Travel Time: Around 1.5 hours depending on the traffic situation
First trip at 5:20AM and Last Trip at 12:30AM

This is the most familiar bus company among the three. The good thing about taking this bus is the cheap fare especially if you have an EZ-link card plus it’s operated by Singapore-based drivers. 

Although the fare is cheaper compared to the other two buses, SBS Transit 170 stops at every bus stop in Singapore to pick up and drop-off passengers. The queue hopping back on the bus after clearing the Singapore Immigration can be too long at times.

Causeway Link
Fare SGD3.30
First trip at 4:30AM and Last Trip at 11:00PM

This may not be the most popular choice because it is relatively expensive compared to the two bus companies but surely it is somehow the most recommended since they have frequent trips to JB. There are also less passengers in the queue when you hop in after clearing the Singapore Immigration. They also accpet payment using EZlink aside from cash.

Disavantage? I think it’s the price if you’re really on a tight budget.
Singapore-Johor Express (SJE)
Fare SGD2.40
First trip at 6:30AM and Last Trip at 11:30PM

SJE goes straight to Larkin Bus Terminal in JB. So, if you have an onward bus journey to KL, Melaka or any other city in Malaysia, this is your best option.They have the most number of buses that goes to Larkin so it will be easier for you to hop in the bus after clearing the Singapore Immigration.

If you plan of going to JB Sentral, I suggest you take the Causeway Link or SBS. Their bus trips from Woodlands to JB is not so frequent.

Arriving at Woodlands Checkpoint

Just sit back and relax or take a nap while in the bus. At the checkpoint make sure you bring your stuff with you as you’ll be taking a different bus after clearing the immigration.

Make sure you keep your bus ticket with you as it will be inspected once you hop in to another bus. Queue to the proper line. There are clear signage so you will be guided which area to queue in.

Show your ticket to the driver/conductor and hello Malaysia!

Traveling during rush hours? 
Traffic situation during rush hours has gone worse from bad. Fortunately, a new train service from Woodlands Checkpoint to JB and vice-versa has been launched. It costs RM5 (S$1.79) from JB and S$5 from Woodlands. The departure times from Woodlands station are 6.30am, 8am, 9.30am, 5pm, 6.30pm, 8pm and 11pm. From JB Sentral, the trains leave at 5.30am, 7am, 8.30am, 4pm, 5.30pm, 7pm and 10pm. This is really a good option if you are in a hurry. Five minutes travel time compared to around 45 minutes by bus.

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