After enjoying a night in Pattaya, we head back to Bangkok and stayed at Arnoma Grand Bangkok in Pratunam Disctrict – the shopping haven of the city. (Read : Arnoma Grand Bangkok Hotel Review)
We’re already starving when we arrived at the hotel but we don’t want to eat just anywhere, so, we asked one of Arnoma’s staff where we can find the best place to eat nearby. He said we should try Bangkok’s Chicken Rice. He added that it’s probably the most popular chicken rice in the city and luckily it’s just a walking distance from the hotel.
We got really excited. He wrote a sketch in a piece of paper and told us to just show it to any local in the street if we get lost and we should be guided accordingly. True enough, we’re kinda lost and showed the paper to a local and he pointed us to the right direction. It seems that everyone in the community knows where this famous chicken rice stall is.
It’s a bit early when we arrived at the stall but it’s already full packed. We’re very lucky to have been able to get the last vacant table. Of course, we ordered their famous chicken rice. After a couple of minutes, our orders were served. We ate it with gusto. I really love chicken rice. The sauce perfectly complements the steamed chicken. It’s totally different from the usual sauce I’ve tried in Singapore. It was good, I mean really good. Nothing fancy and spectacular but it’s worth to try. I’d love to go back again when I get back to Bangkok.
Go Ang / Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice stall is conveniently located across the road from Platinum Fashion Mall. When you’re in the vicinity, you can immediately distinguish the place – lots of people and the pink uniforms of the staff. 


960 – 962, Phetchaburi Road, Soi 30, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand 
Opposite of Platinum Fashion Mall, look for the lane named Petchaburi Soi 30 
Opens 5.30am – 3pm, 5pm – 3am

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